Exclusive Pictures of Imam Khomeini in Holy City of Najaf released

Exclusive Pictures of Imam Khomeini in Holy City of Najaf released

Several pictures of Imam Khomeini during his stay at home and teaching events in holy city of Najaf have recently been released which reflects his great moral and social associations with colleagues, family members and seminary students.

The great Imam stayed in the holy city of Najaf for a period of 13 years and used to teach at Shaikh Ansari seminary where he trained great research fellows and scholars. 

The pictures also to some extent show how the great Imam monitored and handled the ongoing Islamic movement in that time.

The seminary of Najaf had become focus of Muslim scholars who either used to teach or conduct research studies over there. There was a great research and teaching environment during those years in Najaf.

For the first time, Imam moved to Najaf for expansion of his Islamic teaching mission. However for the second time he was exiled by the doctorial regime of Shah.

It is worth-mentioning that a tragedy struck the great Imam during his last year stay in Najaf as his son Mostafa was martyred either by suspicious elements of foreign spy agencies or by the Pahlavi regime.

Imam became focal point of attention for Muslims as a sole leader who could revive the Islamic movement and respond to growing academic needs and satisfy the religious and spiritual challenges of contemporary era.

In addition to teachings and research, Imam also used to meet Muslim delegations and followers of other religions from various regions of the world to brief them about the ongoing Islamic movement and elucidate its main objectives. 

Imam had also issued several warnings for both the Shah regime and the Iraqi regime due to their rough behavior towards the masses and seminary students and Islamic scholars.

During his stay in Najaf, Imam trained great scholars who played as role of his right-hand men following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

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