World Commemorate Dawn of the Islamic Revolution

World Commemorate Dawn of the Islamic Revolution

The ceremonies in Iran and across several other parts of the world are held to commemorate the’ Ten Days of Dawn’ of the Islamic revolution and the 35 years independence and freedom.

The 12thof Bahman, corresponding to February 1, 1979, is considered a great historic moment in the history of the Islamic Revolution.

The Iranians and several other liberated nations mark the 10-day long event (12 to 22 Bahman) to remember the historic return of great Imam to Iran after spending 14 years of exile in Turkey, Iraq and France. 

The great Imam Khomeini was monitoring the each moment of the Islamic movement during these tough years against the doctorial regime of Shah and confronted all conspiracies hatched by the colonial powers.

He showed his reactions for each of the happenings and directed masses by issuing statements and messages. However, Imam was now directly leading the revolution which had given the movement a great momentum and fresh spirit.

Imam with support of masses shook the pillars of Shah Regime and threw away his ruminants during this decisive period.

The victory of the Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini has been considered by several pundits as the greatest event of the twentieth century which revived Islam and empowered oppressed people in contemporary era across the globe.

The revolution restored confidence to the Iranians and all other Muslim nations and boosted the role of Islam as reviver of the human civilization. It also changed the balance of power in the region and confronted the web of plots woven by vicious and colonial powers.

The Islamic Revolution revived the genuine divine teachings and role of Islam as rescuer of humanity. Imam's dynamic thought empowered and strengthened the oppressed nations and challenged the supremacy of minority extra wealthy people over the poor and down- rotted ones. Imam Khomeini's ideas and thought continue to inspire nations and revolutions across the world for centuries to come and will continue to guide the young truth-seeking generations.

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