Imam Attached Significance to Contemporary History: Seyyed Hassan Khomeini

Imam Attached Significance to Contemporary History: Seyyed Hassan Khomeini

The grandson of Imam Khomeini says that the founder of the Islamic Republic has had matchless leadership qualities and attached a great importance to contemporary history and events of the some past decades.

Seyyed Hassann Khomeini said the great Imam had learned several lessons from our contemporary history and repeated none of the mistakes committed by the leaders of constitutional movement or other figures in our recent history.

He made these remarks on Saturday during a ceremony at Mehrabad International Airport held to commemorate the historic return of Imam Khomeini from Paris to Tehran 35 years ago. 

The annual ceremonies in Iran and across several other parts of the world are held to commemorate the’ Ten Days of Dawn’ of the Islamic Revolution and the 35 years independence and freedom.

The Iranians and several other liberated nations mark the 10-day long event (12 to 22 Bahman) to remember the historic return of great Imam to Iran after spending 14 years of exile in Turkey, Iraq and France. 

The grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic also went onto say that Imam overthrew a corrupt system and replaced it with a modern capable Islamic-democratic system. The great Imam also managed a series of events and tackled several hurdles during the last ten days of struggle leading to the Islamic Revolution, he added.

Imam Khomeini was fully aware that if someone builds a movement on shaky foundations, it will continue to crumble and could be razed to grounds soon. Imam built the Islamic Revolution on very strong comprehensive foundations which could never be shaken by any storms and unpleasant happenings.

The Islamic Revolution happened at a very sensitive juncture of history as Imperialism, Communism and several other ideologies had influenced the societies and divided the world into several power blocs. Imam managed the Islamic Revolution in such a tough conditions and circumstances.

The great scholar of the Islamic world also concluded that hidden divine help could be felt throughout all process of the Islamic movement. It happened because the founder of the Islamic Republic was a great mystic and had put his reliance on God the Almighty in stages of his life. This reliance on divine power was manifested through all stages of his struggle to rescue the Iranian people and all oppressed nations.

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