President Renews Allegiance with Imam Khomeini Aspirations

President Renews Allegiance with Imam Khomeini Aspirations

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and his Cabinet members have visited Imam Khomeini’s holy shrine to renew their allegiance with the aspirations of the founder of the Islamic Republic.

At the 35th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, President Rouhani and his cabinet paid tribute to the founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, at his mausoleum Sunday morning. During the ceremony Imam Khomeini’s grandson Seyyed Hassan Khomeini accompanied the president and the cabinet members. President Rouhani and the cabinet members paid tribute to His Eminence and also visited his wife and son’s tombs.

The president told reporters that the Iranian government feels pride in following the footsteps of Imam Khomeini and moving ahead through the instruction and policies directed by the supreme leader. The president also noted that Imam Khomeini was not a head of state, but a social and religious leader of the Iranian nation and the entire Muslim Ummah.

Rouhani went onto saying that we can continue the Imam’s path by choosing rationality and moderation and self-sacrificing for his long-term ideals and distancing away from any type of extremism. The president hoped that people from all strata will participate in ceremonies of 22 Bahman, the victory anniversary day of the Islamic Revolution and will chant unity inspiring slogans.

Rouhani concluded that the Revolution’s anniversary and legacy of Imam Khomeini should be used to promote progressive ambitions.

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