Imam Khomeini Revived Humane-Spiritual Civilization

Imam Khomeini Revived Humane-Spiritual Civilization

Imam Khomeini, the religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world established a distinctive system which revived the spiritual, human and religious values among the Iranian nation and other communities across the globe.

The Islamic Revolution that emerged under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini in Iran in 1979 was quite different from other movements of the contemporary era.

The Islamic revolution happened at a very sensitive juncture of history when the colonial powers had divided the world into eastern and western blocs and the world’s societies had become morally bankrupt and were deeply plunged into social and moral decline

Imam Khomeini has had matchless and unprecedented leadership qualities which are not seen among figures of other movements in recent history.

Imam and his determined followers emerged as triumphant despite a staunch opposition by several western powers. The great leader astonished the eastern powers and urged the whole world to ponder about his message.

The great Imam Khomeini established an Islamic-democratic system which heavily relied on masses’ backing and support. Imam soon became focal point for attention of the Muslim world and the oppressed nations.

Imam frequently used to say that the genuine criterion was the public opinion and vote.

The Islamic revolution did not intend to collapse of the Shah Regime and removal of its remnants. But the great Imam wanted to revive the human civilization which would give great significance to religious, moral and social values.

The great Imam Khomeini was monitoring the each moment of the Islamic movement during these tough years against the doctorial regime of Shah and confronted all conspiracies hatched by the colonial powers.

Imam set a great precedent and revived the human civilizations and blessed humanity with fresh spirit and spirituality.  Imam’s dynamic thought have become center of attention for scholars’ works and will always show rays of hope to believers and future generations.







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