Books Reflecting Imam Khomeini Views Published in French

Books Reflecting Imam Khomeini Views Published in French

The Iranian cultural center in Paris with close coordination of an international publishing company has recently managed to publish two academic books which reflect Imam’s ideas on the life of the Holy Prophet and the efforts for purification of soul.

The books titled “The holy life of the holy prophet of Islam” and “Combat with the self for purification of soul” have recently been published in French language by the al-Buragh publishing company. The works are compiled by considering the spiritual and moral needs of the eastern and western societies.

These two academic works would be soon available at different bookstores across France and the world.

The book regarding the biography of the holy prophet reflects Imam’s views and the ideas about the last divine messengers’ efforts in guiding and leading the whole humanity.

The conduct of the holy prophet, his mercy for mankind, his humbleness, his simple life, his efforts for promotion of justice and his political life are some of the themes discussed in the precious book.

Imam frequently used to maintain that if such principles were observed then the societies would never be led towards moral and social decline.

The other book titled “combat with the self” underscores the Imam’s commitments and guidelines about purification of soul and self-training before becoming a useful member or guide of a society.

Imam’s views have gained great popularity among the followers of various faiths and truth-seekers in various parts of the globe over the past years.

It is noteworthy that international department of the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works has translated dozens of books by the great Muslim leader in different languages.

Imam Khomeini established an Islamic-democratic system in Iran following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 which brought independence and prosperity to the public and society.

Imam took serious efforts to resolve the problems of both the Islamic world and the oppressed nations. He is being deeply loved and respected by all free-minded people across the globe.  

His academic works, speeches, messages and views remain a great source of inspiration and will continue to guide  the future generations of all divine faiths for centuries to come.



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