French Journalist Memoirs about Imam Khomeini

French Journalist Memoirs about Imam Khomeini

A prominent French reporter who has recorded several events on the eve of the Islamic Revolution says Imam Khomeini had shown a great amount of patience moments before his historic return to Iran.

Claude Van Anglin, a famous French investigative journalist had seen Imam while saying prayers in Paris moments before his historic return to Iran 35 years ago. The journalist recorded those moments of spiritual peace and described them as unique once-in-life experience of his life.

These spiritual moments had astonished and fascinated him that how Imam could be so calm and peaceful in such a tense situation, the internationally-reputed journalist said.

The reporter also maintains that such a spiritual atmosphere had made complicated for his fellow journalists to predict Imam’s future political steps at the sensitive juncture of the history.   

Since Imam Khomeini had spent years of struggle against the Pahlavi dictatorial regime, he was satisfied that his untiring efforts would prove fruitful, the famous journalist noted.

On arrival in Iran, millions had come to receive and say welcome to Imam and formed human chain on his way to Behesht-e Zahra cemetery where Imam delivered his historic speech, the journalists recalls.

One of women supporter of Imam had told the journalist that the Iranian nation wanted to establish an Islamic-democratic government in order to gain independence and the freedom of expression.

One of the prominent clerics who could speak English fluently told the reporter that the peaceful gatherings and historic welcome crowds were signaling a message for the International community and showed masses’ faith in Imam’s leadership. The cleric also advised Bakhtiar regime to pay attention to the people demand.

Pundits believe the Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam strengthened the Muslim world and the oppressed nations in the strategically-important region of the Middle-East and around the globe.


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