Imam Khomeini Established Islamic-Democratic System

Imam Khomeini Established Islamic-Democratic System

Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic frequently said that Islam was fully capable of establishing progressive democratic system.

The great leader of the Islamic Republic encouraged the masses and elites to participate in the historic referendum in order to take destiny and fate in their own hands.

The referendum was considered a first step towards a full-fledge democracy in the country.

Responding to a question by a German reporter, Imam said in 1979 that Islam is a civilized and progressive religion.

 The great leader noted that we want to establish such an Islamic system which would be fully capable of defending the nation's interest.

The leader of Muslim world also ruled out any possibility of establishing or forming a capitalistic or communist type of government system.

The great Imam went onto say that the progressive Islamic system will guard and watch all social, material and spiritual interests of the Muslim world and oppressed nation.

Denouncing shah's regime, Imam said the puppet rulers had ignored the national interests and pushed the country towards bankruptcy.

 It is noteworthy that Imam established a comprehensive Islamic-democratic system following the victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979. The progressive Islamic government brought prosperity and development for the nation in coming years. 


Imam’s historic message in this regard comes as following:    






Date: March 24, 1979 [Farvardin 4, 1358 AHS / Rabi ath-Thani 25, 1399 AH]

Place: Qum

Subject: Active participation in the elections

Occasion: Referendum on Islamic republic

Audience: The Iranian nation



In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


To all members of this combatant and brave nation, may the Exalted God
assist them:

   At this crucial juncture in time, when the destiny of our beloved country
and Islam will be determined, our beloved fellow citizens should participate
in the referendum with greater fervor than before. Today, negligence,
nonchalance and lethargy to participate in the referendum, which is a life-
enhancing affair, means rendering the martyrs’ blood futile and defiling the
country and beloved Islam.

My vigilant friends! The day of the referendum is the time to reap the
fruit of the efforts you have taken in several years. At this point, I deem it
necessary to mention the participation of the brave and combatant women
throughout Iran in the referendum. The women who fought and played a
crucial role in the victory of the Islamic Revolution alongside the men, and at
times even ahead of them, must take note that their active participation will
guarantee further victory for the Iranian nation. Participation in this affair is
one of the national and Islamic duties of both men and women. All of you are
free to vote for anything you want. I myself will vote for Islamic republic and
I want to make a brotherly request of you to assist me in this Islamic affair. It
is necessary that the gallant youth thwart the plots and treachery against the
casting of votes, and guard ballot boxes as a trust given to them. I implore the
Exalted God for the victory of Islam and the preservation of the Islamic


Ruhullah al-Musawi al-Khomeini

(Sahifeh-e-Imam, Vol 6, p 359)


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