Imam Khomeini Underscored Importance of Unity

Imam Khomeini Underscored Importance of Unity

The great figure of contemporary history frequently highlighted importance of unity among all sects of Muslims and insisted on confronting divisions among them.

Imam Khomeini said in one of his messages that anti-Islam elements and colonial powers were attempting to sow discord among the Muslims.

The great Imam noted that they intend to pursue their vicious goals by fueling differences and divisions among the Muslim and oppressed nations.

Imam maintained that Sunni and Shia Muslims must move forward to solve the problems and hurdles facing the Muslim world. He also emphasized the unity among followers of other religions to confront the dominance of colonial and imperial powers.

Imam encouraged all Sunnis and Shia Muslim and other religious minorities to actively participate in referendum.

Imam highlighted the importance of unity through following message:   


Date: March 29, 1979 [Farvardin 9, 1358 AHS/ Rabi` ath-Thani 30, 1399 AH]

Place: Qum

Subject: Deviationists' conspiracies just before holding the referendum

Addressee: The Iranian nation

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

I have, most regrettably, received disconcerting news from Gonbad, Zahedan and Ardebil, saying that some deviated factions among the respectable people of those regions are involved in disseminating poisonous propaganda and seeds of discord. They have mongering rumors around that the clergy are depriving our Sunni brothers of their rights. I deeply regret to say that these deviationists, who are being instigated by America and who have presented themselves as pseudo-leftists, are intending to restore the rapacious dealings during the former regime in another form. We do not have any disagreement with our Islamic Sunni brothers. We assure our brothers that all strata of the people in the country, whether Sunni or Shi`ah, will be granted their rights and there is no difference among various Muslim tribes in terms of political, social and other rights.

I am asking all the brothers and sisters all over the country to ignore this poisonous propaganda disseminated by corrupt elements, go to polling precincts, and vote for anything that they want. I believe that it is in the interest of everyone to vote for Islamic republic in which the rights of all strata of the people and all tribes will be completely guaranteed. I implore the Exalted and Blessed God to safeguard Muslim unity.

Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini

Farvardin 9,1358 AHS

                        Sahifeh, vol6, Page: 381

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