Visitors Welcome Digital Production of Imam Khomeini’s Works

Visitors Welcome Digital Production of Imam Khomeini’s Works

Several recently compiled digital and printed works of the founder of the Islamic Republic in various languages are being widely welcomed by domestic and foreign visitors visiting in the 27th Tehran International Book Fair.

A bilingual audio book of “Exposition on Forty Hadith” in English and Arabic languages, a CD which contains complete text of five-volume commentary on  holy Quran in Urdu langue, and a diskette titled “reunion with beloved” which reflect the history of tough years of Imam’s exile, are among dozens of works presented at the institute’s book stall.    

The international department of the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works has designed and presented several works left by the great leader of Muslim world, in form of multimedia CDs and digital productions in English, Urdu, Arabic and several other languages.

A large number of Imam’s books in audio and a comprehensive movie about his biography and events are also among the multimedia items appealing to and attracting the visitors.

It is noteworthy that the opening ceremony of the book fair was held on April 29 at 10:00 am local time (0530 GMT) at Tehran's Imam Khomeini Grand Prayer Grounds (Mosalla).

Over 2,500 domestic and 1,700 foreign publishers attend the exhibition and more than five million people visit the fair every year.

Some 2,480 Iranian and over 1,600 international publishers flocked to the last year’s edition of the TIBF.

The international publishers were from 77 countries such as Britain, Germany, India, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

The book fair is held annually as a social and cultural phenomenon with book displays, panel discussions and publishing deals.

The fair is considered the most significant event of its kind in Asia and the Middle East and a major venue for publishers and book lovers to exchange opinions and experiences.

The 27th edition of the Tehran exhibition will run from April 30 through May 10, 2014.

Imam Khomeini’s works were widely welcomed at previous regional and  international book exhibitions held across in and other counties over the past few years.

It is noteworthy that several of Imam Khomeini’s works have been translated into dozens of languages over the some past few years.

The founder of the Islamic Republic had written very deep and insightful books in several fields covering the philosophy, mysticism, poetry and Islamic jurisprudence.

The dynamic thought of the great Imam Khomeini will continue to inspire revolutions and guide the generations to come in various parts of the world. 

The department for international affairs of the have participated in several international exhibition with close coordination from some domestic Iranian institutions and Iranian embassy and cultural centers.

These works are widely welcomed at domestic fairs across the country and international exhibitions around the globe. The works are increasing popular among scholars, research fellows and masses by passage of times.

Surveys show that the demand for Imam's works is on the rise in the region and several other continents around the globe.  

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