Imam Khomeini belong to all human societies

Imam Khomeini belong to all human societies

A Pakistani religious scholar says Imam Khomeini‘s leadership has been of divine leader and his genuine teachings and works will continue to direct all human societies.

The remarks were made by Hojjat al-Islam Mohammad Hassan Salahuddin, the head of committee supervising mosques across Pakistan.

He made remarks on the sidelines of a ceremony in Tehran. The intellectual has arrived in the Iranian capital to attend the ceremony for 25the heavenly departure of Imam Khomeini.

The prominent cleric said that Imam has put great trust in God the Almighty and had started struggle several years before which led to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979.

The Pakistani cleric went onto say that the Islamic awakening and awareness among the oppressed nation in various regions have been inspired by the dynamic thought of great Imam.

The academic figure also said that the hostile powers are hatching conspiracies against Islamic values by creating and funding several Takfiri militant groups in order to fuel militancy and sectarianism. 

The intellectual said these deviated groups can be confronted by promoting the genuine thought of great Imam Khomeini.

The Islamic Revolution in Iran strongly strengthened the Islamic nations and oppressed people around the globe. Several analysts and pundits believe that the ongoing Islamic Awakening and awareness among the oppressed nations has been inspired by Imam’s dynamic thought and his genuine Islamic teachings.


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