International Summit on Imam Khomeini’s mysticism kicks off in Tehran

International Summit on Imam Khomeini’s mysticism kicks off in Tehran

Dozens of scholars from various countries have gathered at a summit in the Iranian capital, Tehran to discuss Imam Khomeini’s dynamic thought and genuine teachings on Islamic Mysticism.

Dr. Fatima Tabatabai, the daughter in law of Imam made welcome remarks at the inauguration ceremony for domestic and international guests and scholars attending the conference.

Fatima Tabatabai is head of department of the Imam Khomeini and Islamic Revolution Research Center and also manages Iran’s scientific Association on Islamic Mysticism.  

The summit titled ‘Imam Khomeini mysticism, in theory and practice’ started on Sunday and several televised messages from international reputed scholars were live broadcast at the summit.

The live video and televised messages by Ayatollah Jawadi Amoli and by some other Iranian religious scholars were broadcast to the audience at the summit.

In morning session, Dr. Sheikh al-Islami delivered a speech highlighting various perspectives of the Islamic ethics and mysticism.

Several University professors, internationally-reputed figures from Iran, Lebanon and several other countries are expected to deliver the lectures within next hours.

Hundreds of foreign guests attending the 25th anniversary ceremony of Imam Khomeini also participated in the summit of great significance.

Meanwhile, dozens of pieces of writings have been sent to secretariat of the summit which will be published in a form of article collection.

The summit highlights the role of the Imam Khomeini’s mystic thought in maintaining peace, resolving conflicts and its effectiveness in preventing the societies from falling into pits of social and moral decline.

Several analysts believe Imam Khomeini genuine teachings and dynamic thought can prevent societies form falling into pits of social and moral decline.

Pundits believe that the  thought  of founder of the Islamic Republic have revived the genuine spiritual teachings and empowered the movements of oppressed nations in different parts of the world in our contemporary era.

Imam Khomeini is widely loved and his works are widely welcomed by Iranians and several nations across the world. Dozens of Imam’s academic works have been translated to several foreign languages over the past few years.

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