Imam Khomeini Established Social Justice: South African Lawyer

Imam Khomeini Established Social Justice: South African Lawyer

A reputed South African lawyer says Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic Republic established social justice, and expanded peace, equality and friendship among nations across the globe.

Ishaaq Dolamomade remarks during an interview in the Iranian capital on Sunday. The lawyer also says it was source of pride for him to attend the 25the anniversary of heavenly departure of Imam Khomeini.    

The academic went onto say that the founder of the Islamic Republic belonged to all Muslims and oppressed nations. The great Imam blessed human societies with spiritual fragrances and warned against failing into pits of moral decline, the lawyer added.

Dr. Ishaaq Dolamo strongly criticized some arrogant and colonial power for hatching conspiracies and inflicting insults against the truthful religion of Islam. He said some vicious elements were and spreading ISlamophobia in various parts of the world.

 The scholar noted that the great Imam Khomeini took firm stance against these conspiracies during his lifetime.  Imam’s fatwa against blasphemous writer Salman Rushdie was great and historical, the lawyers added.

The scholar suggested that Imam Khomeini’s dynamic thought should be promoted on internet and through several other current sources modern such as press, media and E-magazines.

The South African figure concluded that spiritually seems the most prominent substance and quality of Imam Khomeini’s personality.

Several analysts  believe that the  thought  of founder of the Islamic Republic have revived the genuine spiritual teachings and empowered the movements of oppressed nations in different parts of the world in our contemporary era.

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