International seminar on Imam Khomeini held in Colombo

International seminar on Imam Khomeini held in Colombo

Several Sri Lankan academic figures with close coordination of the Islamic Republic embassy and cultural house have held an international seminar on genuine teachings and dynamic thought of Imam Khomeini.

The seminar was held on June 4 at the Iranian Cultural center Auditorium in the Sri Lankan capital. The seminar was held under the theme of “Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Awakening in the New Millennium”.

The Cultural Section of the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran organized the seminar on the late the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to commemorate the 25th year of his heavenly departure.

Senior Minister AHM Fouzie graced the occasion as chief guest.  The Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran, Ibrahim Khani, and the Governor of Western Province,  Seyed Alavi Moulana was the guests of honor.

Several Iranian and Sri Lankan academics, experts on Eastern Studies and social and civil activists from across the world discussed the qualities of leadership of Imam Khomeini and his dynamic thought.

They also discussed  precious works left by the great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world.

The late Imam Khomeini was undoubtedly one of the greatest Muslim leaders of the contemporary era and the description of him as the Imam of the Ummah is indisputably suitable and appropriate, the Imam of the times apt. 

Analysts believe that Imam Khomeini thought can prevent societies from falling into pits of ethical and moral decline.

Several international summits, sessions, seminars have been held at different universities and academic institutes across the world to comprehend precious thought of Imam Khomeini. His teachings will continue to guide societies and generation for decades to come.

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