Imam Khomeini Employed Philosophy in Seminaries

Imam Khomeini Employed Philosophy in Seminaries

Imam Khomeini the world spiritual and religious leader employed the philosophy and taught the students, promoted rational sciences along with traditional lessons across the seminaries.

Late Ayatollah Gilani said on his memoirs that Imam Khomeini  reformed the seminary system and promoted philosophy at a sensitive juncture of history when philosophical thought were not warmly welcomed by majority of Muslim scholars.

Imam made wide use of these philosophical thought to confront wrong beliefs and enrich his approach about the social and religious issue facing the Muslim societies.

Imam delivered his regular lessons on Islamic philosophy to the seminary students in order to help increasing their knowledge and deep insight about the Islamic issues.

It would be difficult to find among the Muslim scholars a personality such as the great Imam who had well command over several Islamic sciences and disciplines of knowledge.  

The great religious leader of the Muslim world has had an interdisciplinary approach to the problems facing the Muslim world.

Imam’s approach to several issues was a comprehensive as he had a great deal of knowledge about the several sciences including jurisprudence, philosophy, mysticism, literature and etc.

For an instance, if Imam had touched upon an issue, then his approach would have been very deep, insightful, distinctive and all-inclusive with comparison to others.

Imam confronted superstitious beliefs within seminaries and among the masses and promoted rational perspectives of the religion.

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