German journalist hailed Imam Khomeini’s wisdom

German journalist hailed Imam Khomeini’s wisdom

German journalist Peter Scholl-Latour frequently praised various perspectives of dynamic personality and wisdom of Imam Khomeini and accompanied the great Imam on his return to Iran in 1978.

Once he said in an interview that he never forgets what Imam Khomeini always said and it was: "By the remembrance of Allah Hearts are assured". (Al-Ra'd:28)

According to his remarks while Imam Khomeini was living in exile in France, he was the only person who got closest to him and whom he trusted.

Scholl-Latour’s reports also included a 1973 TV documentary shot during eight days of captivity by the Vietcong He remained active until recently as a writer and TV pundit, known for his deep knowledge and caustic wit.

Latour, Imam khomeini's closest confidant died in Paris this weekend. German news agency dpa cited Scholl-Latour's publisher Ullstein saying he died Saturday at his home in Rhoendorf, near Bonn.

Scholl-Latour, whose reporting from far-flung places made him one of post-war Germany's most famous foreign correspondents, has died at 90.

Born to Franco-German parents in 1924, Scholl-Latour tried unsuccessfully to join the French and Yugoslav resistance against the Nazis during World War II.

After the war he became a newspaper and broadcast correspondent, traveling extensively throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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