International Conference of Imam Khomeini(s) and the Ashura Culture

Chairman: Sayyed Mohammad Khatami
Time: 11th & 12th Khordad 1374
Place: Conference Auditorium of Organization for Hajj & Pilgrimage

The Islamic Revolution is a clear manifestation of the Ashura Movement in Modern Era; and the deceased Imam, with his Ashura-like culture, being the founder and great leader of the Revolution and the Islamic Republic.

             On the threshold of the sixth anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s demise, simultaneous with the month of Moharram, the International Conference of Imam Khomeini(s) and his Ashura-like culture was held by the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works in Khordad 1374 in order to elucidate Ashura culture and teaching of the Imam with the needs of the modern world in this regard and our own responsibility and vocation in front of such a great movement.


  • All Articles of the First International Conference concerning Imam Khomeini and Ashura-like Culture (First register), the titles and the writers’names:


1-      Principles of the Analysis for the Great event of Imam Husayn’s Rising/ Erudite Mohammad Taqi Ja’fari

2-      The Epic of Imam Husayn (AS) and Manifestation of Man’s Reality/ Mostafa Delshad Tehrani

3-      Research on a Famous Motto: ‘’Verily, Life is Belief and Jihad” / Enayatollah Majidi

4-      Influence of Ashura Culture with its Evident Representations in the Thought and Life of Imam Khomeini(s)/Hosayn Razmjoo

5-      Ashura Literature in the Periods of the Immaculate Imams(AS, 260-661 AH)/Mahmud Reza Eftekharzadeh

6-      Tradition of Reviving; Ways of Safeguarding Ashura Epic and its Culture in the History of Islamic Culture/Javad Mohaddesi

7-      Islamic Revolution and Hosaini Movement/M.Va’ezzadeh Khorasani

8-      The Quran and Bloody Epic of Karbala/Mohamad Baqer Behbudi

9-      Comparison between Concept of Martyrdom in Christianity and Islam/Dr.Abolfazl Ezzati

10-  Those Trained in Ashura Culture/Mahtab Rezapur

11-  Impact of Ashura Culture on Iranian Dramatic Arts/Ta’qubali Borji

12-  Ashura before Islam and Episode of Karbala/Reza Ostadi

13-  Review of Social Perspective of Imam Khomeini(s)/ about Ashura Movement with its Position in his thought concerning Social Change/Gholamreza Sadiq Owra’i

14-  Reflection of Ashura Culture in the Imam’s Political Thought and Behavior emphasizing the Study of People and paragons in the two Moves/Dr.Zahra Rahnamud

15-  Together with Ashura/Ahmad Akoochakian

16-  Eternal Rising/Mohammad Reza Hakimi

17-  Ashura, Pathfinder of Shiism/Sayyed Ja’far Shahidi

18-  Imam Khomeini(s) and Revival of political Outlook on Ashura/Mohammad Sorush

19-  Conformity of Imam Hosayn’s Rising with Juridical Standards/Ne’matollah Salehi Najafabadi

20-  Dynamism of Society and Development in Ashura Disclosure/Sayyed Hashem Aqajari


  • Collection of Articles in the First International Conference of Imam Khomeini and Ashura Culture (second register), the titles:


1-      Ashura in Jurisprudence, an Assessment of Juridical Perspective of Imam Khomeini and other Jurists about the Rising of the Lord of the Martyrs (AS)/Sayyed Zia’ Mortazavi

2-      Messages and Achievements of Ashura, Right-seeking Moves Inspired by Ashura Event in the Islamic History/Sayyed Mohammad Mehdi Ja’fari

3-      Justice, Abandoned Heritage of Prophets in the Omayyad Government

4-      The Exalted Gnosticism of Imam Khomeini(s), a light from Imam Hosayn’s Knowledge/Abbas Izadpanah

5-      Karbala, from spiritual Understanding to Political Perception/Rasoul Ja’farian

6-      Hosayn-bin Ali (AS) in the Mirror of Poetry/Sayyed Alireza Hejazi

7-      Hosayn, the Inheritor and Seeker of the Prophets’ path, Offering of Hosayni Rising to the Quran/Abdolali Bazargan

8-      Ideological Interpretation from Ashura/Alireza Alavitabar

9-      Real Reason of Repeating Mourning Ceremony of Ashura/Mohammad Ebrahim Jannati

10-  Being Duty-bound for Hosayni Movement and for Khomeini Movement/Kazem Qazizadeh

11-  Role of Ashura Movement in the Formation and Continuation of the Iranian Islamic Revolution/Jamila Kadivar

12-  Imam Khomeini(s), Legacy Keeper of Magnanimity of Imam Hosayn (AS)/Homayun Hemmati

13-  The Course of Writing about Killing Field/M.Javad Sahebi

14-  Genuine Islam in the Red Plain of Karbala/Parviz Khorsand

15-  Messages and Achievements of Ashura Movement/Mohammad Mahdi Eshtehardi

16-  Historical Roots and Believing Grounds of Ashura Movement/Mehdi Pishva’i

17-  Effects of Culture and Art of Ashura on the Persian Art and Literature/ Ahmad Ahmadi Birjandi

18-  Role of Ashura in Shape-taking of Islamic Revolution/Abdolmajid Ma’adikhah

19-  Ashura Movement and the Sacred Defense/Mohammad Reza Sangari

20-  Influence of Ashura Culture and its Obvious Impression on the Thought and Life of Imam Khomeini(s)/Lotfali Latif Pakdeh

21-  Principles of Culture and Teachings of Ashura/Hashem Hashemzadeh Harisi



  • Collection of Articles for the First International Conference of Imam Khomeini(s) and Ashura Culture (third register), the titles and the writers’ names:


1-      Ashura Movement in the Views of Sunnites/Abdolkarim Abdollahi

2-      Ashura Culture/Rajabali Mazlumi

3-      An Approach to Hosayni Mournings/Sayyed M.Ali Ayazi

4-      Some Deliberation on the Episode of Karbala, according to the Sunnite historians/Asghar Qa’edan

5-      “Imam Hosayn”, narrated by Ibn Asaker/Alireza Zekavati Qaragozlu

6-      Some Considerations Regarding the Comprehension and Conveyance of Ashura Message/Hatam Qa’deri

7-      Writing about Killing Field in the Mirror of History/Mahmud Yazdi

8-      Ashura Culture in the Policy and Manner of the Prophet’s Household (AS)/Ali NAzari Monfared

9-      Ashura Culture, Scientific and International Politics/Morteza As’adi

10-  Ashura Movement in the View of Shiite and Sunnite modernists/Mohammad Hakimpur

11-  Ashura, the Greatest Example of Trial, Selection and Self-Sacrificing, the Philosophy of Human Existence/Mahdi Dehbashi

12-  Shiite Imams (AS) and Ashura Movement/Sayyed Ahmad Khatami

13-  A Brief Look at and an Assessment of Eulogies and Elegies of the Prophet’s Household with Poems pertaining to Ashura, Influence of the  Revolution/ Abolfazl Firuzi

14-   Role of Hazrat Zaynab (AS) in the Survival of Karbala Movement/Zahra Abazari

15-  Ideological Bases and Social-Political Grounds of Ashura Movement/Sayyed Ata’ollah Mohajerani

16-  Relation of Ashura to Be’sat (Muhammad’s being chosen as God’s messenger)/ Maqsud Ferasatkhah

17-  Comparative Analysis from Imam Hosayn’s Rising and Imam Khomeini’s Rising/Gholam Haydar Ibrahim Bay Salimi

18-  The Evolution of Comparison in Purports and the Idea of Likening in Passion Plays/Seyd Mostafa Mokhtabad

19-  Movement and Leadership of the Imam with Position of Ashura in Between/Ali Reza’ian

20-  Motivation and Achievements of Rising of Imam Hosayn (AS) from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini(s)/Ali Rabbani Guilani

21-  Management in Holding Ashura Ceremonies, the Best Model of Management in Development/Solayman Khakban

22-  Ideological. Political and Social Domains in the Movement of Ashura/Mohammad Sadeq Najmi

23-  Role of Ashura Movement and the Teachings of Ashura according to Imam Khomeini/Mohammad Esma’il Khodadadi

24-  An Investigation in the Manifestations of Ashura Culture in Written Prayers for the Pilgrimage of Shiite Imams (AS)/Hadi Vakili

25-  Ashura Movement and the Iranians/Nadia Nazeri & Shahryar Yasini



  • Abstracts of Articles for the First International Conference of Imam Khomeini(s) and Ashura Culture
  • Perspectives-Collection of Interviews for the First Conference of Imam Khomeini and Ashura Culture
  • The Idea of Ashura-Collection of Interviews concerning the First International Conference of Imam Khomeini(s) and Ashura Culture
  • Bibliopoly of Imam Hosayn (AS)
  • The Raging Thirst-Collection of Poems regarding the First International Conference of Imam Khomeini(s)
  • These poems are in two divisions: first, the poems composed about Imam Khomeini(s) including 32 couplets, second, the peoms about Ashura containing 49 couplets. Totally, there are 80 poems printed in 175 pages.
  • The book: Imam Khomeini(s) & The Culture of Ashura. This consists of 24 Articles in English.

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