Seminar for Investigation in Practical and Theoretical Attitude of Imam Khomeini

Secretary: Zahra Mostafavi
Time of Conference: Khordad 1379
Place of Conference: City of Kerman

The society for the Iranian Islamic Republic Women has so far held eleven seminars concerning Imam Khomeini’s Theoretical and Practical Policy on different subjects. The eleventh seminar was celebrated with the participation of the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works in Kerman.


  • Collection of Articles for the 11th Seminar of investigation on Imam Khomeini’s Theoretical and Practical Policy

This collection includes the speeches and articles concerning the eleventh seminar about Legality and Law-boundedness in the perspective of the deceased Imam. Apart from the introduction and the inaugural speech delivered by Hujjat-al-Islam Haj Sayyed Hassan Khomeini, the seminar had two meetings and a panel with the following titles: The first meeting was on religious government, democracy and legality: the second meeting was on people, those responsible, and lawful. The panel was about: religious government, legality and law-boundedness from the perspective of the Imam.



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