Conference for Martyred Ayatollah Mustafa Khomeini(s)

Chairman: Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Musavi Bojnurdi
Time of Conference: of Aban and first of Mehr 1376
Place of Organization: Qom University, Qom

The life of Great men constitutes some noticeable golden pages of history to attract the attention of realistic generations and the clear immaculate conscience of humanity. The Martyred Ayatollah Mostafa Khomeini shone as a star in the dark Iranian skies from the evening to the dawn of the Revolution to give his sacred light that directed the wayfarers and companions of the Imam (s).



      On the twentieth anniversary of his martyrdom, the conference of Ayatollah Mostafa Khomeini (s) was organized in his commemoration by the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works and the Shahid Foundation of the Islamic Revolution in Aban 1376. The main theme and principal subjects of the articles for the conference were focused on the following: recognition of innovations and writings of this Martyred, presentation of his essential ideas; introducing his philosophical perspectives, his interpretation of the holy Quran, his scientific features, his political activities and his moral characteristics.








  • Collection of Articles for the Conference of Ayatollah Mostafa Khomeini, the titles:


1-      Philosophical Ideas of the Martyr/Asadollah Bayat

2-      Center for Political Earthquakes in 1357-58/Abdolmajid Ma’adikhah

3-      Statements and Viewpoints of the Martyr/Mohsen Gharavian

4-      The Martyr’s Idea on ‘’ Subjective Existence’’ / Zahra Mostafavi

5-      A look at Scientific Life and Writings of the Martyr/Sayd Abbas Miri

6-      Political Personage of the Martyr/Mohammad Hasan Tashayyo’

7-      A Look at Political Life of the Martyr/Hasan Ashuri Langrudi

8-      An Essential Critique on the Martyr’s Perspective/Ahmad Moballeghi

9-      An Outline of Scientific Life of the Martyr/Mohammadali Razizadeh

10-  Islamic Taxes/Mohammad Hosayn Ebrahimi

11-  Effects and Echoes of his Martyrdom/Hamid Qazvini

12-  Some marginal notes about the Critical Commentary on the Holy Koran/ Mohammad Mahdi Shamsoldin

13-  in the Commemoration of the Deceased/Sayd Ahmad Fahri

14-  Sayyed Mostafa Khomeini, an Ethical Source/Sayd Mohammad Bahrol’olum

15-  Sayyed Mostafa Khomeini, the Great Thinker/M.Ja’far Shamsoldin

16-  The Erudite Martyr, a Great Commentator/Zohayr Solayman

17-  The Late Personage in Science, Conduct and Action/Hasan-al-Amin

18-  The Genius Martyr/Ahmad Hosayn Ya’qub

19-  Sayyed Mostafa Khomeini, a Master of the Arabic Language in Intertretation of the Quran/Nabil Halbawi

20-  Mostafa Khomeini, Student of his Father/Ja’far Salim Bayzun

21-  Sayyed Mostafa, a Personality of Comprehensive Knowledge as Known from His Books/Khalil-al-Lamis

22-  Martyr Mostafa was a Great Personality/Afif Nabolosi

23-  With Imam Khomeini in the Demise of his Son/Sayf Haydar


  • Another Martyr from the Clergy


         The above is the title of a book written at the time of the Shah’s regime on the occasion of the 40th day after the Martyrdom of Ayatollah Haj Sayd Mostafa Khomeini (s) in Najaf. It was again printed for the Conference as a reminder of that time. In the book different subjects are mentioned, some of which are as follows: Imam Khomeini’s speech. Funeral ceremonies of the martyr in Najaf, letters of condolence, telegrams, messages and replies, the Imam’s message to the university students and other groups outside Iran, biography of the martyr, correspondences and writings of the martyr Sayyed Mostafa Khomeini, etc. There are appendixes in the book that include handwritings and the main letters that are printed.






  • Reminders and Reminiscences -- Collection of Interviews for the Conference of Ayatollah Mostafa Khomeini (2 Volumes)


        This book comprises the collection of interviews and speeches regarding the noticeable personality of Haj Mostafa Khomeini, which has been printed in two volumes.


  • Hozur Publication, No.21-Special Edition of the Conference for Martyr Ayatollah Mostafa Khomeini


This includes the Imam’s letter, interview with the Imam’s spouse, letters, writings, interview with Ayatollah Bojnurdi, memories, basic critique of the martyr’s opinion, ‘’Vital is it to hear the story of those endowed with knowledge,’’ the sun of jurisprudence in the view of Man of Time, poetry and other points. This Edition is divided into 4 parts as follows:


  • Dialogues and memories, 2-articles, 3- literature and Art, 4- attachments


       This magazine is for the religious schools and seminars. The two editions of it: 81 and 82 are reminiscent of the twentieth anniversary of Sayyed Mostafa’s martyrdom, which are arranged in 376 pages with the following headings:


-          Day-breaker of the Revolution-interview with the high-ranking Scholar and philosopher Sayd Jalaloldin Ashtiani/Mojtaba Ahmadi

-           Ayat-al-ahkam, the collection of Sayyed Mostafa’s works/Aliakbar Zakeri

-          New approaches of the Master in the knowledge of Principles/Abolqasem Ya’qubi

-          Critique of Principal Schools from the Standpoint of Martyr Mostafa Khomeini/Ahmad Moballeghi

-          A Guideline from the Theologian and the Great Commentator, Sayd Mostafa Khomeini (s)/Abdolreza Izadpanah

-          Proceeding along Discourses of the Master/Abbas Mokhlesi

-          The Views of Martyr Mostafa Khomeini concerning Guardianship and Islamic Government/Mohammadsadeq Mazinani

-          Political and Social Endeavors of the Martyr, his Scientific Life and Works/Sayd Abbas Razavi









  • Magazine Bayyenat 15 (third Edition, 4th year)


The proprietor of this magazine is the Institute of Islamic Culture of Imam Reza (AS). This edition was appropriated to the Koranic Studies, which were printed regarding the 20th anniversary of the martyr around 200 pages on the following matters:


1-      Seeking assistance from God only/Sayd Ibrahim Saydalavi

2-      Concept of Guidance in the opinion of Sayyed Mostafa Khomeini/Abbasali Alizadeh

3-      Life Story of Martyr Mostafa Khomeini/Abolfazl Shakuri

4-      Some Juridical topics in the Commentary of Mostafa Khomeini/Mohammad Rahmani

5-      Rational Attitudes in interpretation of Shahid Mostafa/Sayd Mohammad Ali Ayazi

6-      Ideas Regarding Calligraphy of the holy Quran/Hadi Qabel

7-      Comprehensive Design for the Commentary of Haj Mostafa Khomeini/ Mohammad Abdollahian

8-      Talking to the Chairman of the Conference/Hasan Pupa

9-      Literary Preogatives for Interpretation on the Quran/Hosayn Ostadvali

10-  The Status of Sayyed Mostafa’s Commentary/Baha-al-din Khorramshahi

11-  A brief Look at the two Printings of the Commentary of Sayyed Mostafa/ Hasan Pooya


  • Spiritual Interpretation--Introducing the Advantages of the Koranic Commentary of Haj Mostafa Khomeini

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