Conference to Review Influence of Imam Khomeini(s) and Islamic Revolution on Contemporary Literature

chairman: Hujjat-al-Islam Bahjati(Shafaq)
Time of Organization: 18-20, Mehr 1377
Place of Conference: Isfahan

The development of the theme and the structure of contemporary literature with their progress in the two previous decades is quite obvious to everybody. In our endeavor to find the main reasons for this development, we come across the following aspects: Role of ideas of Imam Khomeini(s), the embodied model of his thoughts, the phenomenon of Islamic Revolution and his works. Therefore, the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works was determined to deal with such an investigation by organizing a seminar to do so.


Literature of the Revolution, Revolution of the Literature (First Volume)


  • Collection of Articles for the Conference Reviewing Imam Khomeini’s and Islamic Revolution’s Effects on Contemporary Literature, the tiltles:


1-      Reflection of Human Rising on 15th of Khordad in Contemporary Literature (1342-1357)/Ahmadhosayn Anzabi

2-      Imam Khomeini(s) and Mystical Literature/Iraj Tabrizi

3-      A Look of Islamic Revolution’s Poetry/Mojtaba Javadinia

4-      Shadow of Hindi Style on Lyrical Verses of the Revolution Age/Mojtaba Javadinia

5-      Measuring the Effect of Islamic Revolution on Contents of Persian Textbooks for Primary School-Years/Isa Khatami

6-      Profile of the Woman in Poetry of the Revolution/Mahbubeh Zare’i

7-      Thinking of Death in the Past, Present and the Revolution Literatures/Mohammadreza Sangari

8-      Islamic Revolution and Folk Literature/Habib Safarzadeh

9-      Satire in Literature of Islamic Revolution/Taymur Gholami

10-  Watching Consecrated Wounds, a Look at the Development of Poetic Style in the Islamic Revolution/Gholamreza Kafi

11-  Influence of Islamic Revolution and the Imposed War on Narrative Literature/Gholamreza Moradi

12-  Poetic Method of “Ali Mo’allem Damghani” a Leading Composer of Rhymed Couplets after the Revolution/Jalil Moshayyedi

13-  A Comparative Study of Divine Love in Mowlavi’s Poems, Herbert’s and Imam Khomeini’s/Alireza Anowshirvani, Fahimeh Naseri

14-  A Heuristic and Deductive Investigation of the Book Chehel Hadith and its Role in Contemporary Literature/Rasul Nimruzi

15-  An Interview with Nasrollah Mardani



Literature of the Revolution, Revolution of the Literature (Second Volume)


  • Collection of Articles Received for the Conference Reviewing Imam Khomeini’s and Islamic Revolution’s Effects on Contemporary Literature, the tiltles:


1-      Looking at Today’s Lyrical Style (Ghazal)/Ne’matollah Iranzadeh

2-      A Survey of Development in Composing Songs from, before and after the Revolution/Arash Bajestani

3-      Extent of Aesthetics in Epic Verses of Islamic Revolution Period/Mohammad Sadeq Basiri

4-      Profile of the Imam in Contemporary poetry/Beigiparviz Habibabadi

5-      Development in Narrative Literature of Children and youngsters after the Islamic Revolution/Mohsen Parviz

6-      Imam Khomeini(s) and Mystical Literature/Naser Jannesari

7-      A Beam of the Greatest Friend of God in the Charter of Persian Poems/Kavus Hasanli

8-      How I Become a Writer and Re-Gained the Faith/Parviz Khorsand

9-      The Way how the Issues Pertaining to the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini’s Personality are Brought up (in Primary School Persian books)/ Mohammad Daneshgar

10-  Symbolism in Contemporary Persian Literature/Abdolreza Radfar

11-  Impressionability of Popular Literature and Epic by the Tribe of Boyr Ahmad from Imam Khomeini’s Movement/Keshvad Siyahpur

12-  Religious Thought in Constitutional Literature/Abbas Abdolmoahammadi

13-  Flourishing of Symbolism in Modern Poetry in the Light of Imam Khomeini’s Manner/Hosaynali Qobadi

14-  Imam Khomeini(s) and Gnostical Literature/Mohammadjavad Mahabbat

15-  Reflection of Modern Perception of Guardianship, Ghadir, Ashura, and Expectation in Today’s Literature/Mostafa Mohaddesi

16-  The Feature of Imam Khomeini(s) in Poetry of the Revolution/Sayd Mohammad Hashemi Fard Sajed

17-  An Interview with the Committed Poetess of the Age/Tahereh Saffarzadeh


  • Quarterly Periodical in Literature Specific of the Conference Reviewing Imam Khomeini’s and Islamic Revolution’s Influence on Contemporary Literature, titles and names:


1-      The First Word

2-      On the Margins of Intuition/Abdolreza Reza’inia

3-      A Comparative Study of Doctrinal Poetry/Mohammadali Mojahedi

4-      Searching the Golden Culture/Alireza Qazveh

5-      Literary Development in the Light of the Imam’s School/Gholamreza Rahmdel

6-      Ashura in the Poetry of Children and Youngsters/Babak Niktalab

7-      On the Shoulders of the Sea/Payman Sangari

8-      Injuries of Shouting on the 15th of Khordad/Abolqasem Hosaynjani

9-      The Mohammadan Flower/Javad Mohaqeq

10-  If you were not…./Mohammadreza Sangari

11-  Our Thought mingled with the Imam’s Thought/Interview with Ibrahim Hasanbeigi

12-  What a High Sun! / Mohammad Javad JAzini

13-  A Look at the Development of Narrative Writing after Revolution/Sayd Ahmad Qasemi

14-  A Picture in the Mirror of my Heart/Mohsen PArviz

15-  The Songs of a Red Generation, Imam Khomeini(s) in the Modern Arabic Poetry/Translated by Musa Bidaj

16-  Mystical Literature and Imam Khomeini(s)/Iraj Shahbaz

17-  A Sunshine from the East/Aliasghar Bavand Shahryari

18-  The Erudite Ayni and Tajiko Iranian Literature/Rahim Musalmanian Qobadiani

19-  The Books of Poems of Imam Khomeini(s) from another Way/Alikhan Afsahzad

20-  The Sun in the Mirror (a book introduced)

21-  The Story of a Smile


  • A Commemorative Book of the First Conference Reviewing Imam Khomeini’s and Islamic Revolution’s Effects on Current Literature


            The conference for Investigation of the Imam’s and the Revolution’s Effects tried to put to discussion and judgment the scientific-critical topics in the area of the Revolution’s literature after two decades from the blessed lifetime of the Islamic Revolution’s which was organized with the presence of literary critics of our country. The book: a Commemorative” is the result of this great meeting including a part of speeches, the articles, interviews, and literary creations on the grounds of poems and stories.



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