International Conference of Imam Khomeini and Elucidation of Islamic Revolution

Chairman of the conference: Dr Hassan Habibi
Secretary: Dr Alimohammad Hazeri
Time Period: 10-12 Mehr 1378
Place: Meeting Hall of Islamic Conference Leaders

Since recognition and analysis of the Iranian Islamic Revolution and careful examination of it is a serious requirement, and because the idea has made many scholars and thinkers all of over the world busy deliberating over it for the past two decades, the scientific committee of the meeting for the 100th birthday of Imam Khomeini (s) decided to hold an international conference with the cooperation of the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s works to elucidate and elaborate the ideas of the Imam, who was the master of the whole movement. In this regard the most important aim of this conference has been the following: explanation of the political thought of the Imam, Islamic Revolution and International issues, some aspects of Imam Khomeini’s leadership, Revolution and its challenges, its involvement with facts, historical elucidation and analysis of the revolution, analysis of political, economic, social and cultural side of the revolution.


  • Collection of Articles for International Conference of Imam Khomeini (s) and Elucidation of Islamic Revolution (2 volumes)


  1. 1.       Unity of Muslims in Imam Khomeini’s Opinion/ Gholamhaydar Ibrahim Baysalami
  2. 2.       Idea of Juridical Guardianship is Genuine and Old/ Bahram Akhavan Kazemi
  3. 3.       Critique and Interpretation of Democracy and Freedom in the View of Imam Khomeini (s)/ Bahram Akhavan Kazemi
  4. 4.       Islamic Revolution and Social Ruptures/ Asghar Eftekhari
  5. 5.       Freedom in the Imam’s Political Thought/ Emad Afrugh
  6. 6.       Imam Khomeini’s and International System/ Sayyed Hasan Amin
  7. 7.       Islamic Revolution and Islamic New World Order/ Emad Bazi
  8. 8.       Iran and the Future/ Abdollah Belqiziz
  9. 9.       The West Millennium and Islamic Revolution/ Yusof Peruglar
  10. 10.   Imam Khomeini’s Leadership in Mottos of Iranian Islamic Revolution/ Mohammadhosayn Panahi
  11. 11.   Separation of Religion from Politics from the Perspective of Imam Khomeini (s)/ Iraj Tabrizi
  12. 12.   Bases for Revival and Reforms in the Political Thought of the Imam/ Sayyed Mohammad Saqafi
  13. 13.   East and West of the Existence in the View of Imam Khomeini/ Akbar Jabbari
  14. 14.   Ideal of the Basij and the Ideal Basij from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini/ Mohamadhosayn Jamshidi
  15. 15.   Historical Identity and Anthropology of the Revolution/ Alimohammad Hazeri
  16. 16.   The Study of Influencing Factors on the Elite Unity in the Arena of Culture/ Alimohammad Hazeri and Yahya Alibaba’i
  17. 17.   Imam Khomeini not like the others/ Gholamali Haddad Adel
  18. 18.   Reasons for the Failure of Marxist Guerrilla Groups/ Esmail Hasanzadeh
  19. 19.   Mythical Hero and Charismatic Leadership/ Hosayn Hosayni
  20. 20.   The Political Geometry of Imam Khomeini/ Mohammadbaqer Heshmatzadeh
  21. 21.   Imam Khomeini the best Pathologist of the 20th century/ solayman Khakban
  22. 22.   Connection of Democracy and Islamic Government/ Sayd Hadi Khosrowshahi
  23. 23.   A Comparative Look at Review of Constitutional Law/ Mohsen Khalili
  24. 24.   Principle of Power Requisite in Duties/ Sayyad Hasan Khomeini
  25. 25.   Islamic Revolution and Tendency toward Technocracy/ Namadeh Ramahi
  26. 26.   Economic Elucidation of Iranian Islamic Revolution/ Mehdi Rahbari
  27. 27.   Imam Khomeini (s) and the concept of Religion/ Abdolaziz Sajednia
  28. 28.   Epistemological and Discourse Purports in Islamic Revolution/ Abdolkarim Sorush
  29. 29.   Influence of Islamic Revolution on Political-Ideological Conditions/ Sargi Somanov
  30. 30.   Islamic Revolution and a Review in Theories of the Revolution/ Hadi Samti
  31. 31.   Imam Khomeini’s Perspective toward conditions of Contemporary Islamic Movements/ Raf’at Sayyedahmad
  32. 32.   Principles, Policies and Tactics of the Imam in Leadership of the Rising/ Alireza Shoja’izand
  33. 33.   Limits of Impressionability of the Revolution from Shiite Culture and History/ Mohammad Sadeqi
  34. 34.   The Most Important Challenges in Front of Islamic Revolution in the 3rd decade/ Sayd Abutorab Fazel
  35. 35.   Bureaucracy and the revolution, Problem of Islamic Iran/ Ali Farazmand
  36. 36.   Freedom of Conscience, a Post-Prophetic Concept/ Hatam Qaderi
  37. 37.   The Clergy, Revolution, and Challenges/ Kazem Qazizadeh
  38. 38.   Imam Khomeini (s), Discussion of Revival and Challenge of Dominant Statements/ Mohamadtaqi Qezelsofla
  39. 39.   Dialogues about Civilizations, Substitute for Export of Revolution/ Hamidreza Qanbarinejad
  40. 40.   Proceeding of Development of the Revolution, the years after victory of the Revolution/ Edris Kattani
  41. 41.   Effect of International Factors in Defeat of Endeavor to Control Islamic Revolution/ Elaheh Kula’i
  42. 42.   Islamic Revolution and the Issue of Modernizing Traditionalism/ U.M. Lushits
  43. 43.   Islamic Revolution and the Expansiveness of government in Iran (1357-1372)/ Esmail Mo’azzampur
  44. 44.   Role of Economic Renovation for Preparation of Islamic Revolution/ Sorayya Me’mar
  45. 45.   Changing the Structure of Social classes in the Period before the Revolution/ Aliasghar Moqaddas
  46. 46.   Process of Inclination to Revolution in Political Thought of the Imam/ ALireza Molla’itavani
  47. 47.   Reviewing Revolutionary Action in the Islamic Revolution/ Sayd Jamal Musavi
  48. 48.   Right of Freedom and People’s Supervision from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini (s)/ Raziyya Musavifar
  49. 49.   Beyond Nation-State of Imam Khomeini and Revival of Islamic Identity/ Hamid Mowlana
  50. 50.   Ideology and Revolution/ Abbas Manuchehri
  51. 51.   Imam Khomeini and Encounter with Zionism/ Sayyed Hasan Nasrollah
  52. 52.   Political Idea of Imam Khomeini (s) and Structural Theory of Individualism/ Maria Vafa’i
  53. 53.   Islamic Revolution and Iranian Villages/ Erick Hugland



  • Summaries of Articles for Internation Conference of Imam Khomeini (s) and Elucidation of Islamic Revolution


  • Summaries of articles in this collection in 3 parts of Persian, Arabic and English have been arranged alphabetically according to the author’s names and offered to those interested.






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