Conference of Mysticism in the Ideas of Imam Khomeini

Time of Conference: Khordad 26, 1378
Place of Conference: City of Beirut

Mysticism in Imam Khomeini’s Idea was the subject of a one-day conference which was held in the capital of Lebanon to honor the 100th anniversary of the Imam’s birthday with the efforts of the Cultural Counsellorship of the Iranian Islamic Republic in Lebanon and the cooperation of the Islamic Center for Philosophy there.

            This conference was administered on Khordad 26, 1378 in Beirut simultaneous with the heavenly demise of the Imam and the presence of some thinkers from Iran and other Arab countries. The series of topics discussed in the conference were: definition of mysticism, Imam Khomeini’s mysticism, the Imam’s status in the history of mysticism and mystics, mystical poems of the Imam and his renewal of the concept.


  • Collection of Articles for the Conference of Mysticism in the Ideas of Imam Khomeini (the titles)


  1. Relation of Mysticism with Jihad, Edification and Purification of the Soul/ Sayyed Nasrollah and Shaykh Shafiq Javadi
  2. Translation of the Imam’s Mystical Poems/ Victor Alkak
  3. Practical Methods of the Shiite Mysticism in the View of Imam Khomeini/ Sayyed Mostafa Mohaqeq Damad
  4. Imam Khomeini and the World of Poems/ Ebrahim Dinani
  5. Critique and Investigation in Dinani’s Article/ Hasan-al-banna
  6. Role of Imam Khomeini in the History of Mysticism from another View/ Su’ad Hakim
  7. Critique and Review of Dr. Hakim’s Article/ Shaykh Ali Mirza’i
  8. Ana-al-Haq (I am the truth) from Hallaj to Imam Khomeini/ Sami Makarem
  9. Critique and Review of Dr. Sami Makarem’s article/ Mohamad Mahmud Mortaza
  10. Assesment of Natural Concepts in the Imam’s Mysticism and the Philosophy of Mullah Sadra/ Mohammad Khaqani
  11. Critique and Study of Dr. Khaqani’s Article/ Shaykh Mohamad Bashqir
  12. A Critique on Dr. Khaqani’s Article/ En’am Haydowra
  13. Investigation of Dr. Khaqani’s Article/ Mohamadmahmud Mortaza
  14. An Analysis of Dr. Khaqani’s Article/ Ahmad Majedi

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