Collection of Articles Pertaining to the Conference for Renewal of Islamic Thought, Imam Khomeini and Scientific Foundations of the Revolution


  1. 1.       Vigilance of Islamic Thought/ Sayyed Hasan Khomeini
  2. 2.       Imam Khomeini and Unity of Muslims/ Sayyed Serajoldin Musavi
  3. 3.       Establishment of Islamic Government, Historical Miracles/ Musavi Bojnurdi
  4. 4.       Republicanism in Iran/ Mowlavi Eshaq Madani
  5. 5.       Decisive Encounter of Imam Khomeini with Enemies of Islam/ General Merza Aslambeig
  6. 6.       Eminent values of Islamic Movement of the Imam/ Hamidgol
  7. 7.       Imam Khomeini and the Revival of Pervasive Religious Thought/ Agha Mortaza Puya
  8. 8.       Theory of Politics and Government of Imam Khomeini/ Saydhasan Hosayni Balkhi
  9. 9.       The Last Guidelines of the Imam and the Philosophy of Revolution/ Khorshid Sahebzadeh and Ahmad Guilani
  10. 10.   The Iranian Islamic Revolution, the torch on our path/ Shayesteh Zaydi
  11. 11.   Imam Khomeini’s Rising and Vigilance in the Islamic World/ Jahangir Badr
  12. 12.   The Services Imam Khomeini Rendered/ Parishan Khatak
  13. 13.   Revival of the Islamic Identity in the Revolution of Imam Khomeini/ At’har Na’im
  14. 14.   The Old Man of Jamaran/ Sayyed Mohamad Saqafi
  15. 15.   Spiritual Results of Islamic Revolution/ Aqil Torabi
  16. 16.   Imam Khomeini’s Operation in Reviving Islamic Thought/ Abdoljabbar Rahmani
  17. 17.   Imam Khomeini’s Revolution and its Role in Wakefulness of Islamic world/ Sayyed Shamsolhasan Razavi
  18. Imam Khomeini and Unity of Islamic Nations/ Zohar Ahmad Azhar
  19. 19.   Imam Khomeini, the Assembly and Religious Authority/ Abdolmalek Qazi
  20. 20.   Role of Imam Khomeini in the Revival of Islamic Thought/ Vasim Sajjad
  21. 21.   Imam Khomeini, Personality of History Maker/ Sayyed Menhaj-al-Hasan


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