The Conference for Imam Khomeini’s Perspectives about Jihad and Fighting against Threats of Contemporary world

Chairman of Conference: Ahmad Fayyaz, Na’im Qasem
Time of Organization: Azar 1378
Place of Conference: City of Beirut

The conference for Imam Khomeini’s Perspectives about Jihad and Fighting against Contemporary Threats was celebrated by the International Committee of the Center for honoring the 100th anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s birthday in Azar 1378 in the capital of Lebanon. The most important pivotal discussions of this conference were the following: the idea of Jihad and fighting in the view of Imam Khomeini, general concepts and Muslims’ duties to encounter foreign threats and domestic problems of the Muslim countries, religion and politics in Imam Khomeini’s thought in theoretical and practical domains, role of Imam Khomeini in the alertness of Muslims in the world, Palestine and Quds in the opinion of the Imam, priorities of confrontation, Imam Khomeini’s perspectives about the West and Global Arrogance, and the way how to encounter hegemonism.


  • Encounter with Contemporary Threats—two volumes containing the following matters in articles:
  1. Principles and Dimensions of Confrontation in the View of Imam Khomeini/ Morsal Nasr
  2. Role of Fighting in the people’s life and Cooperation with others/ Morsal Nasr
  3. Influence of Imam Khomeini and the Revolution in the Thought and Action of the Movement and Islamic Jihad of Palestine/ Mohamad Yazik
  4. Role of Jihad and Confrontation in the Life of people/ Anvar Abutaha
  5. Role of Spiritual Leader in Promoting Political Thought in Islamic World from the Viewpoint of Imam Khomeini/ Afif Nabelesi
  6. Imam Khomeini and Contemporary Political Supervisions in Practice/ Mamduh Shaykh
  7. Practical effects of Mental Thought of Imam Khomeini/ Mostafa Malas
  8. Imam Khomeini, the Reviver of a Republic Government in Contrast with other Governments of the World/ Fazl Sharuru
  9. Positions of Imam Khomeini in Front of Other Governments/ Khalil Ahmad
  10. Stating compulsion in the Unity problem and Pluralism in Imam Khomeini’s View/ Ahmad Khalil
  11. Imam Khomeini’s Perspective about Dependence and Self-Sufficiency/ Ali Lagha
  12. Factors, Priorities, and Obstacles for the Unity in Imam Khomeini’s Idea/ Abdollah Qasir
  13. Imam Khomeini’s Manner. Mental Principles and Benefits for the Islamic Nation/ Sayyed Hani Fahs
  14. Place of Islamic Nation in International Equations and the Role of the Impoverished in Development Trend/ Hasan-al-Banna
  15. Comparison between Juridical Guardianship and other Governments/ Lays Shabilat
  16. Role and Status of Nations for Improvement in Islamic countries/ Shabli Malat
  17. Investigating Imam Khomeini’s Perspective about Encountering the Occupires of Palestine/ Bashar al-Qowatli
  18. Imam Khomeini’s Ideas regarding Palestine Issue, Arab problems and Fighting before the Iranian Revolution/ Rafat Saydahmad
  19. Imam Khomeini, a man as the magnitude of a Nation/ Dalal Abbas
  20. Strategic Role of Iran in Fighting against Zionistic regime and its supporting Superpowers/ Hesan-al-Majzub
  21. Imam Khomeini, Colonialism and the way how to fight against it/ Zohayr Ghazavi
  22. Imam Khomeini’s Perspective about the West and western Civilization/ Hosayn Kurani
  23. Tactics for Confrontation with the West and the way of Encountering them/ Adel Ra’uf
  24. Global Hegomonism and today’s concept/ Adel Ra’uf
  25. Global Imperiousness with USA as its Source/ Abdolrahim Ali Mohamad Ebrahim
  26. Imam Khomeini’s Idea about Arrogance and Impoverishment in the Arena of Civilization/ Jahad Mohaysen
  27. Ideological and Political Principles of Imam Khomeini/ Mohamad Mehdi Taskhiri
  28. Mental School of Imam Khomeini in front of Deviations and Threats of Zionism/ Rashad Bulos
  29. Imam Khomeini’s Perspective about Cooperation, of Cultures and Civilizations/ Fathi and Mona Yakon
  30. Religious Leadership and Political Leadership, Unity or Duality? / Hares Shahab
  31. Islam, Ideology of the Poor/ Mohamad Mehdi Asefi
  32. Imam Khomeini, the Perfect Model/ Mohammad Murow

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