International Conference for Research about Imam Khomeini’s Thoughts from the Viewpoint of World Thinkers

Secretary: Hujjat-al-Islam Mohammad Moqaddam
Place of Organization: Center for International Conferences, IRB
Time of Organization: Khordad, 1383, AH

This international conference was administered on the 15th anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s demise with its basic aims being as follows:


1-      Honoring the founder of the Iranian Islamic Republic on the 15th anniversary of his demise,

2-      Establishing necessary grounds for presentation and identification of writers and translators of the Imam’s works and introducing them to each other,

3-      Introducing the Imam’s political, juridical, dialectical, philosophical and mystical ideas from the perspective of non-Iranian authorities,

4-      Planning for investigation in the works and viewpoints of scientists, thinkers, or scholars of the world concerning the Imam’s ideas, and

5-      The way how the personality and ideas of Imam Khomeini(s) have influenced the regional or international developments from the viewpoints of Muslim scholars.


  • Collection of Articles for the international conference about Imam Khomeini’s thought from the viewpoints of the world’s thinkers (their titles and writers)


            Articles in Arabic:


1-      Imam Khomeini and challenges of globalization/Mohammadkhalaf al-Jarrad

2-      Islamic Political ideas/Somayya Abdolmowla Nasr

3-      Imam Khomeini’s Political thoughts/Mataniyus Yusof Habib

4-      Imam Khomeini and Political Islam/Mohammad Towfiq-al-Meqdad

5-      The Man of Revolution/Ebrahim Kulibali

6-      Palestine in the discourse of Imam Khomeini/Adnan Hosayn Abunaser

7-      Mysticism with Imam Khomeini/Sa’id Ya’qub

8-      Mystical aspects and their effects on political thoughts of Imam Khomeini/Nazih-al-Hasan Ommati

9-      All in one Man/Sami Naser Khalifa

10-  Talks of Covilizations and international relations in the Imam’s Positions/ Samir Solayman

11-  Imam Khomeini and the current challenges of Islamic world/Hamid Helmizadeh

12-  Imam Khomeini and Islamic dimensions of his auspicious Revolution/Mahmud Akkam

13-  Islam and globalization/Nash’at-al-Hamarena

14-  Imam Khomeini, his ideas and his created development/Nasif Na’ma Ash’ari

15-  In the elegy of Imam Khomeini(s)/Mohammad Manzar Lotfi


  • Articles in English:


1-      Responsibility of Imam Khomeini toward Fightings of Muslims/Arron Farid

2-      Imam Khomeini and Revival of Islam for the Nation/Manas Kiatithari

3-      Imam Khomeini and the political Islam/Sayd Ghayur Hosayn

4-      Imam Khomeini and the present problems of the Islamic World/Sa’eda Seraj

5-      Imam Khomeini and the political Islam/Mubarak Henia

6-      Imam Khomeini and the Political Islam/Sayd Rashed Ahad

7-      Imam Khomeini and the current problems of Islamic World/Mohammad Owlbuchi

8-      Imam Khomeini and the present problems of the Islamic world/Zahedali Zahedi

9-      Imam Khomeini, the greatest political leader of today’s Age/Nina Baguagar

10-  The second millennium and Islamic Movement/Nurman Mohammad Maidi

11-  Imam Khomeini’s message in connection with political arenas of today’s Islamic world specially southwest Asia/Begum Fatema Shahnaz

12-  The world Day of Qods from street marching to electronic marching/Mansur limba


  • Articles in other Languages, the titles:


1-      Imam Khomeini, the movement of reformation and revival of Islamic Unity

2-      Imam Khomeini and problems of the Islamic world

3-      Imam Khomeini, a fearless leader in front of Colonialism

4-      Imam Khomeini and political Islam

5-      Islamic Revolution and the effect of the Imam’s development on the oppressive movements in the Middle East

6-      Imam Khomeini, the savior of the people

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