Tehran Holds Classes on Imam Khomeini Mysticism

Tehran Holds Classes on Imam Khomeini Mysticism

A series of special classes explaining the Imam Khomeini’s mystic school of thought are being held in the Iranian capital Tehran.

The classes will be held in Ayatollah Ali Khamenei mosque which is located in a special area of cultural and social activities.

The lecturers will be centered on Imam’s famous book “forth Hadith” which contains mystic exposition on precious traditions by the holy prophet.

The lectures are being attended by the masses; scholars and people from various walks of life.

Several of works left by Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic contain mystical treasures and the great scholar of contemporary era has touched upon on various issues with genuine Islamic approach.

Imam has left dozens of academic works which covers a range of academic, spiritual, mystic, jurisprudence, philosophical and theological fields.

Some of his valuable mystical and spiritual works consist of Misbah al-Hidayah, an exposition on forty Hadiths, the hosts of intellect and ignorance, discipline of prayers, secret of prayers and several others.

His dynamic mystic and religious thought would continue to spiritually guide and transform the truth-seekers for the coming periods and centuries.

Several pundits believe that Imam Khomeini ideas and genuine teachings can prevent the world societies form falling into pits of social and moral decline.

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