Imam Khomeini and Islamic Unity Conference Was Held in Oman

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Imam Khomeini and Islamic Unity Conference Was Held in Oman

In occasion of the demise anniversary of the great founder of the Islamic revolution, a glorious conference entitled “Imam Khomeini and Islamic Unity” was held at the place of Iran’s embassy in Muscat.

Hussein Noushabadi, the Iranian ambassador to Oman during this ceremony that was held by the participation of  Omani scientific, cultural and political figures and a huge numbers of the lovers of Imam Khomeini, introduced different political, social and religious dimensions of Imam Khomeini and named him as the preacher of unity through the Islamic world and stated: “Among his great novation it was naming the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as the ‘Qods Day’ that became the axis of unity among Muslims.”

During this ceremony which was held on Saturday night, three Omani scientific, political and religious figures delivered their speeches about Imam Khomeini’s personality and his role in unifying the Islamic world.

At the end an Omani poet recited some fascinating poems about Imam.

Beside this conference an exhibition of some Arabic books about Imam was held and it’s notable to say that the Omani press covered this ceremony.