William Para

Imam Khomeini Promotes the Idea of Not Being Oppressed

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Imam Khomeini Promotes the Idea of Not Being Oppressed

William Para a Venezuelan journalist with a Colombian origin was interviewed by Imam Khomeini English Portal. Below you could find what he had to say.

He started by telling us how he got to know Imam Khomeini: "My first contact with Imam Khomeini was with a book called “Shah” by the writer “Victor Chatachonski” he explained about the situation of Iran in the government of “Shah” he explained the Islamic revolution, this was my first contact with Imam Khomeini and I liked the work of Imam Khomeini in this revolution and his change for Islamic republic of Iran; in Venezuela there are little books in Spanish about Imam Khomeini so it’s difficult. In Venezuela in Caracas now, there is a center of Islamic republic of Iran, there are some books about Imam Khomeini to read and study his characteristics."

William Para by saying that Imam had started the Islamic Awakening, said: "I think Imam Khomeini and the think of Imam Khomeini is the most important point of view for this awakening and I think the dignity of the people of Iran stays very high because the thought of Imam Khomeini and I think Imam Khomeini is a very important figure of Islam."

"In Venezuela like all the Latin Americans there is very little knowledge of Imam Khomeini, not many people know Imam Khomeini in Venezuela. The president Hugo Chavez he has very strong relation with Iran and he has very hard position against Israel, against Zionism and he has a very strong position for the faith of Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine." said Para.

He continued: "The most important point of view of Imam Khomeini for me is that he promotes the idea of not to accept being oppressed by other powers. For me the most important point of view is to have dignity for mankind and fight for freedom."

At the end he said: "It is my recommendation that it is important for people to know about the revolution and the ideas of Imam Khomeini. It is very important to have books and articles in Spanish because the people in Latin America speak very little English."