Hojjat al-Islam Dr. Mohammad Moghaddam

Democratization of Region Will Weaken Israel

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Democratization of Region Will Weaken Israel

A prominent intellectual says the issue of Palestine has turned into a matter of identity for the people across the region and establishment of democratic governments will pose challenges for Israel.

Dr. Mohammad Moghaddam, the Director of International Affairs Department of the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini's Works said in an interview with Jamaran news agency that none of the regional movements can claim of being a leading, praiseworthy or idealistic current unless it pays attention to the Palestinian issue and doesn’t remain indifferent to this matter of great significance.

Expressing his views on the latest unfolding developments across the different parts of the Muslim World, Moghaddam maintained nobody can deny this very basic principal and reality that the Muslims are increasingly becoming sovereign.

Moghaddam further noticed that the motive behind recent popular movements could be either Islamic or social.  (Instances of social motive would be uprising against totalitarianisms and dictatorships.)

However, the general tendency of these revolutions and movements is set to strengthen the Muslim power and fondness towards Islam, he added.

The vast majority of this region is Muslims and hence none can refuse this fact that the latest developments will strengthen the Muslim dominion and sovereignty, Moghaddam said.

He went on to say that the democratization of this tragically important region can easily weaken Israel.

The intellectual explained that if the Muslim societies facilitate the path for democratic rules, this occurrence will gradually lead to the decline of Israel.

Democracy doesn’t mean the rule of a man or specific powerful current, but it is closely associated with the presence of general public in all arenas of life, he stated.

Therefore, Israel has sounded its alarms and warned against these developments, and Tel Aviv did not want the (military rules or dictatorships) to be collapsed or power structures to be disintegrated, he commented.

It is all because Israel was feeling threatened by these new democratic governments across the Muslim-majority region, Moghaddam concluded.