Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani’s Narration about a Historic Word of Imam

Why are the Ossifieds More Dangerous than the Seculars

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Why are the Ossifieds More Dangerous than the Seculars

Some ones wish to push the country in situation that the supreme leader’s vote stands against people’s vote.

Imam said: some ones wish to push the country in situation that the supreme leader’s vote stands against people’s vote, I am going to say this for all periods that the Islamic Republic of Iran belongs to people

Those who said if you claim an Islamic government before highness Imam Mahdi's advent, you are like a bird that wants to fly before your feathers growing! Today they have been serious supporters of Islamic government!!

Those who said to us at struggle period that you do useless action, now say people don’t have right to participate in elections!

If this idea suggests to people that only clergymen could make decision and people don’t have any role at society one day, this is beginning point of the country and system’s fall down!

Imam corrected this historical mistake and disrupted this conspiracy and said don’t say such words; danger of these statements is more than claim of religion and politics separation!

Those who said until Imam Mahdi government has not been established any other Islamic government could not establish, now claim that because this revolution’s government is government of God and Imam Mahdi's government and the real deputy of Imam Mahdi control all affairs thus an important issue like election should not influence by common people’s ideas and elections should guide by supreme leader only!!!

Those who have said these statements, are those who said seven, eight years ago when some people struggle with Shah regime that we must not enter Islam into politics and religion is separate from politics and they are those who said that by such useless action you could not do anything and they are those who said whenever Imam Mahdi government have not been established, any Islamic government could not establish and they are those who said any one who is going to do up rising before Highness Imam Mahdi's up rising is like a bird that wants to fly before its feathers growing. We heard such statements every day and they are convicted because we struggled against Shah. Now they try to become supporter of us. This might not be a person but is a current of thought that today reverse its statements. Now, when people and seminary students, struggled in step with supreme leader, people martyred and they triumphed and they are going to establish Islamic government, those people say: people don’t have right to interfere!

Today we sure that the country’s authorities, don’t want anything but what people want, and we are sure that people want to go forward in a way which Imam has drawn so we don’t afraid of anything and this is a sign of complete trust of supreme leader to his people. We should record this event as one of an honorable event of Islamic history at history of elections and remember it as Democratic positive point of people’s government at the Islamic republic, in front of all other countries who claim democracy. Of course because of shortage of our facilities our enemies have ignored these privileges, they interpret this action in the other way and in spite of all these freedoms we gave to people, our enemies want to show this people’s honorable attendance something else. We expect them to do such actions also we expect from opponents who live inside the country to do such actions, but anyway we know what we are going to do. The other important point, is Imam’s recent statements about those who said religious authorities don’t have right to guide people in such ways. Well! We know that these words: religious authorities, how much holy in this country and we know how much people are modest in front of people who carry this title! Some ones said in some places that because this government is God’s government and Imam Mahdi’s government and deputy of government is a ruling jurisprudent, so this is only the ruling jurisprudent who could make decision about affair which lead to establish the parliament, this is only the religious authority’s right as deputy of Imam Mahdi to deliver the issue and it is impossible to let common people make decision about such an important issue! This statement apparently seems acceptable and also it could be tricky. When Imam heard this statement, immediately convicted this issue, the issue which might be say honestly and perhaps it was a conspiracy that the one who said it was not aware of his mistake. Imam’s statement about this issue was very interesting, this is among one of Imam’s historical statements, and this statement must record at our history as fateful statement. Imam recognized people as supporter of this revolution and this point is what Islam said and this is Quran that want this, that the basis of the government should be people. It is right that government in Islam is divine government but without people satisfaction no one could govern them and also it is not correct to govern on people by force and this issue have been accepted at our religious knowledge. Imam corrected the mistake that others had done and disrupted this conspiracy, and he said: no! Don’t say such statements! These statements are more dangerous than the statement about religion and politics separation and really these statements are more dangerous. If we suggest people one day that we are unique clergymen who could make decision and people don’t have right to make decision ( if we suggest such an idea to people and expel them from arena) shortly afterward there is not remain anything for this revolution and for this republic and for this country. Source of sermons text: Friday prayer sermons of Hashemi Rafsanjani – 1984 (fifth volume) from publication of the revolution knowledge publishing office• Honorable Friday prayer Imam has mentioned to 12 articles message of Imam Khomeini at the beginning of sixth year of the Islamic revolution’s victory (11 Feb. 1984) that he said: people who work at their own constituency or have nominated other people, do legal and religious activities for them and because we want this election hold on very interesting so I say don’t choose a nominee for other constituencies and don’t confirm or reject competence or lack of competence of others. Inside affair of each constituency should handle by its members and it is better that each constituency representatives discuss about the best person they want to select. However, any eligible person is free to select nominee or nominated. Also Imam Khomeini said: elections are among political affairs and political affairs are religious authorities right, both of them are wrong. The election doesn’t belong to anyone, not clergymen, not parties, not groups; the election belongs to all people. Imam Khomeini about the election said: the election should acceptable by people not just authorities and all must feel that the election hold on according to law and Islam, Imam emphasized: anyone has not precedence over the other one. All people of the nation are same in the election.