Chinese Scholar Impressed by Simple Life-Style of Imam Khomeini

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Chinese Scholar Impressed by Simple Life-Style of Imam Khomeini

A Chinese Muslim scholar says he has been deeply impressed by simple life-style and great personality of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic and the leader of the Muslim World.

Ahmad al-Sharif, Imam of congressional prayers of main mosque in Zhejiang Province, made remarks after visiting simple residence of Imam Khomeini in historic district of Jamaran and highly luxurious Saadabad palace of deposed Shah (the ousted king of Iran).

The prominent preacher also praised the rich Iranian history, saying that Iran inherited a history and civilizations of thousands of years and has had maintained very close relations with the people of China.

Ahmad al-Sharif also appreciated the ongoing developments across the Muslim World, emphasizing that these movements must be directed towards befitting the Muslims.

He also noted that the scholars must adopt and resort to right and accurate methods and Islamic centers must be rightly used in order to preach and spread Islam.

Ahmad al-Sharif also reminded the significance of the holy city of Qom, saying it contains a lot of academic facilities and has produced a great number of intellectuals who can play a great role in introducing the precise teachings of Islam.

He also added that dozens of mosques and academic facilities are functioning in the Muslim-majority provinces of China.

 Ahmad al-Sharif concluded that this all positives signs and benevolences happed in Iran due to wise leadership of Imam Khomeini and the victory of the Islamic revolution after paying visit to his home in historic district of Jamaran in Tehran.

Mentioning the brilliant reputations of the Islamic scholars in Iran, the Imam of congressional prayers in China considered the library of Ayatollah Marashi Najafi, as the evidence for this issue and said: visiting the library was very helpful to us.