Sahar Universal Network Broadcasts a Documentary on Imam Khomeini

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Sahar Universal Network Broadcasts a Documentary on Imam Khomeini

The Iranian Sahar Universal Network has recently released a documentary which highlights historical events regarding Imam Khomeini and the Islamic revolution.

The precious documentary explains historical events in detail for the foreign audiences and discusses the various aspects of the Islamic movement and the unique perspectives of Imam Khomeini’s leadership. It also reviews the pleasant and bitter moments and occurrences that took place during the two decisive decades prior to the victory of the Islamic revolution in 1979 C.E.

This production is a 30-minute documentary (with English subtitles) which has been produced by Ravayat-e Fath (narration of victory) group and directed by Qasemlou and Habib Wali Nejad, Iranian famous directors. The well-known group has produced several documentaries regarding the Islamic revolution and the Holy Defense over the past years.

Reviewing and recording the following moments and events of historical and political significance in the course of the Islamic revolution are recognized to be the main episodes of this documentary:

A)    Imam’s life in exile in Turkey, Iraq and Neauphle-le-Château

B)    The life of Seyed Mostafa, the eldest son of Imam, in exile and his tragic events of death in Iraq

C)    The Islamic revolution victory and Imam’s triumphant return from Paris to Tehran

The documentary illustrates how the wise and unique leadership of Imam played a key role and dynamically contributed to unprecedented victory of the Islamic Revolution.