Ayatollah Khamenei recalls an interesting memory about the Imam:

Imam Khomeini never surrendered to Global Arrogance

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Imam Khomeini never surrendered to Global Arrogance

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has emphasized that the great Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic never was scared from global arrogance and imperialist powers.

The leader made the remarks during a meeting with scholars and professors attending an international summit on the Islamic Awakening in Tehran.

 He said that the enemies have desperately attempted to hinder the progress of the ongoing Islamic Awakening in the strategically important region of the Middle East and the North Africa.

 The opponents are increasingly becoming scared of unfolding events regarding the Islamic Awakening proliferation and development of real teachings of Islam among the Muslim nations across the region, the leader added. 

 He also cited a famous tradition and narration from the holy prophet of Islam who said that his community and the Muslim nations will never be corrected and reformed unless their clergymen and scholars take them towards this direction.

 The leader said it was the duty of the clerics, Muslim scholars, and university professors to carry out this mission of great significance during the sensitive era of the Islamic history.

 The supreme leader also recalled an interesting memory about the great Imam which shows his great trust in God and fearlessness before enemies.

 Once I along with two other members of the Islamic Revolutionary Council traveled to the holy city of Qom to seek guidance from Imam regarding an issue of great significance, the leader said recalling early years of the Islamic Revolution.

 The Imam asked us: “Are you scared that the United States will harm you if you implement such an issue.” We replied, “No.”

 So we decided to go and implement the plan in accordance with our priority and we were blessed with success in this regard, the leader noted.

 The supreme leader has frequently emphasized on seeking guidance from unique leadership of the great Imam whose dynamic thought will continue to inspire the awakening across the oppressed nations in different parts of the world.