Imam Khomeini deemed monotheism as prelude to freedoms

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Imam Khomeini deemed monotheism as prelude to freedoms

A prominent scholar says that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic deemed the monotheism as a very basic pillar of all type of freedoms in the human societies.

Hujjat ul-Islam Abu Turabi, the head of the Encyclopedia center for intellect sciences made the remarks during a summit attended by scholars and intellectuals at Ferdowsi University in Mashhad.

Imam’s dynamic thought shows that the monotheism and belief in absolute ownership of God form basic pillars and foundations of all freedoms and civil liberties.  

“Imam showed great commitment towards spiritual, political and social freedoms. The establishment of a democratic and Islamic government in Iran under the wise leadership of Imam can be considered as part of political freedom,” Abu Turabi noted.

He went on to say that the great Imam used to put emphasis on following three types of political freedom:

A) Formation of a right environment where people have proper right to cast vote and choose prospective candidates

B) Freedom of speech

C) Freedom of writing and expression

The scholar concluded that the freedoms of speech and expression are absolutely endorsed unless they mount to level of conspiracy or threaten the very basic interests of humanity.

It is worth-mentioning that Imam’s dynamic thought and Islamic teachings attach special significance to social and political freedoms and civil liberties.