Gorbachev delivered his official response to Imam Khomeini

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Gorbachev delivered his official response to Imam Khomeini

Mikhail Gorbachev delivered his official response to Imam Khomeini’s historic letter through the then Soviet foreign minister, Edward Shevardnadze in Tehran.

The response came eight weeks after Imam Khomeini’s letter to Gorbachev was narrated by an Iranian delegation in Moscow in early January 1989.

“I have a mission to deliver the response letter of Mikhail Sergey Gorbachev to Imam. I will try to inform you about its contents briefly,” Shevardnadze as Gorbachev's special envoy said.

The presentation of Gorbachev's response to the Imam's historic letter by Shevardnadze took place in an ordinary room in Tehran. He was deeply impressed by the simple lifestyle of the great Imam.

Earlier the founder of the Islamic Republic suggested through letter that they could evade collapse only if these societies resort to human values and divine religion. 

According to Imam, the communism and capitalism had absolutely failed in responding the material and spiritual needs of the young generations.

The great leader announced that the Shia seminaries and intellectuals were ready to extend their moral support for the satisfaction of spiritual needs of the Russian and other Eastern bloc’s societies. 

Gorbachev's response to Imam's historic letter was highly appreciated by senior officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran.