Imam Khomeini strengthened cultural and academic institutions

Imam Khomeini strengthened cultural and academic institutions

The founder of the Islamic Republic undertook serious efforts and took very concrete solid and steps to strengthen the educational system, cultural and academic institutions.

The great and wise leader formed the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution which put forward several proposals in order to reform the country’s universities and other education and cultural centers.

The founder of the Islamic Republic wanted a competent and self-sufficient university system that could train a young generation for building the future of the Iranian and the several others Muslim nations.

The great Imam made clear that before  the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the universities had become center to implement curriculum and study programs as dictated by the colonial powers. They had installed their own persons who were brain washing the young men souls and minds.

However, Imam issued special guidance to reform the university system following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979.

The great Imam wanted the universities to expand carefully designed fields of specializations which can fulfill the material and spiritual needs of the young generations.

The founder of the Islamic Republic also wanted the professors, researchers and students to focus on the scientific and spiritual needs and challenges the Muslim world was facing.

Imam believed the university systems should become independent and self-sufficient in field of technology and social sciences and should be able to offer their services for the entire Muslim world and oppressed nations.

The great leader maintained that reliance on the certain power regarding the education will leave negative impact on all fields of life and make the nation backward for the decades to come.

Imam wanted the university system to become progressive, expand its horizons, extend fields of research and technology which can fulfill all social, scientific and moral needs. Imam also believed that the universities and seminaries must become inspirable and take advantage of each other experiences.

Imam’s utmost efforts bore fruit in coming years and ranking of the Iranian universities and its research institutes were raised among the world recognized system. Iran made an unprecedented level of progress in humanities, social sciences and medical fields over the past few years and is offering services and interacting with intellectual and universities around the globe.

The founder of the Islamic Republic wanted to seek very competent clerics who could become well-learned and well-established in knowledge and play an active role in the society and who have education from curriculum of university and seminaries.


The great leader also stressed the need for protecting and shielding the real identity of cultural centers and institutions.


Imam’s historic message in this regard comes as following:



Date: September 01, 1984 [Azar 91, 3631 AHS/ Rabi` al-Awwal 16, 1405 AH [

Place: Jamaran, Tehran

Subject: Appointment of several new members of the Cultural Revolution Headquarters

Addressee: Members of the Cultural Revolution Headquarters

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

With God's sanctions and attention and prayer of the Savior) May our souls be sacrificed for him (, universities and higher education schools of the country have started their work on a wide scale. Reconstruction work in all its dimensions is in progress in the country and committed minds and experts continue with their valuable activities. By expulsion of treacherous foreign experts and fleeing of Westernized and Easternized experts who had made the country dependent on foreign powers in all aspects, the need for committed experts and Islamologists and thoughtful patriotic minds and dynamic skilled forces and teachers and instructors committed to Islam and independence of the country is urgently felt. This need is more palpable in university sciences and progressive culture. The need for development and improvement of educational centers and Cultural Revolution in the real sense of the word grows more evident. Thank God, the Cultural Revolution headquarters in a short period of time since its creation has rendered valuable services and taken useful and effective steps in this vital matter and should be appreciated. Nevertheless, ridding of decadent Western culture and its replacement by constructive Islamic-national culture calls for Cultural Revolution in all aspects across the country. To accomplish this end, necessitates years of unremitting efforts and fighting against the deep of Western culture. We know that if we carefully study the root of the West's cultural infiltration, what has befallen our nation, even the imposed war originates from Westernized university and non-committed and dependent experts. Nevertheless, the religious revolutionary layers of people including committed professors and patriotic Islamic teachers and revolutionary students are obliged to be vigilant. They should not let the universities and schools, which still cherish the idea of restoring the former regime and develop Eastern cultural procedures, divert from the curriculum and wasting their time by diversion talks. If advice did not work, they should report the case to the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, which has taken shape and is performing its duty. They should know that by negligence in this important matter devious line would gradually interlope into universities and high schools. We are responsible before God Almighty.

Now I appreciate the efforts of the Cultural Revolution Headquarters and deem it necessary to strengthen this organization for enriching the revolution across the country. To this end, in addition to the presence of the current members of cultural headquarters and the respected heads of the three branches of power, the following will be added to the list: Hujjaj al-Islam Messers Khamene'i, Ardebili, Rafsanjani, Mahdi Karroubi, Sayyid Kazim Akrami) Education Minister (, Sayyid Rida Dawari, Nasrullah Pour Jawadi and Muhammad-Rida Hashemi.

It is hoped that with the grace of God, they will succeed in fructifying this important matter by diligence and decisiveness.

I expect all academia and students to hold the professors in universities and higher education centers in high esteem, besides respecting laws and rules. I pray God Almighty to grant success to all. May God's peace be upon you!

Rouhullah al-Mousawi al-Khomeini

                        Sahifeh, vol 19, Page: 102 & 103

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