Public Mass Rallies Forced Shah to Flee Iran

Public Mass Rallies Forced Shah to Flee Iran

Faced with an army mutiny and violent demonstrations against his dictatorial rule, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was forced to flee the country in January, 1979.

Fourteen days later, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the world religious and spiritual leader of the Islamic revolution, returned to Iran after 15 years of exile

This came after there have been an increasing number of violent clashes between security forces and anti-Shah demonstrators.

All opposition to the Shah had united behind the Islamic movement led by Imam Khomeini, during years of Imam’s exile in Turkey, Iraq and France.

The news of the Shah's departure was greeted with mass celebrations across Iran.

Martial law was declared in many cities on 8 September 1978. The Shah appointed a new military regime in early November. But all of Shah’s conspiracies failed to stem the rising tide of support for Imam Khomeini.

Meanwhile, industrial action by thousands of Iranian workers culminated in a mass strike by employees in the oil industry.  The strike sparked rallies across the country in support of the great Imam.

The great Imam issued congratulatory message for the nation, saying that the five-decade brutal rule of Pahlavi regime had ended in Iran. Imam said this all owed to people efforts and constant struggle against the Pahlavi regime.

Imam also announced a plan for transitional government and declared he would be returning to Iran very soon. 

The great Imam also made clear that the people will form an Islamic-democratic government and he would continue to issue guidance for the masses and public. 

Imam also ruled out any type of role for the brutal Shah in the democratic government under his wise and divine leadership. 

The great leader has frequently stressed that Iran under his leadership would abide by the Islamic laws and would spare no efforts to maintain law and order and respect the rights of citizens.    

Many scholars and intellectuals believe that the founder of the Islamic Republic truly exemplified the true and genuine teachings of the holy prophet of Islam and his infallible successors in his lifestyle.

The Islamic-democratic system under Imam Khomeini leadership brought prosperity for the Iranian nation and strengthened the oppressed people across the globe.

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