Imam Exercised Best Method for Teaching

Imam Exercised Best Method for Teaching

The founder of the Islamic Republic used to exercise best method of teaching while explaining complicated concepts to his pupils.

Imam Khomeini used to equally treat his son and other students whom used to attend his study circles at religious seminaries in the holy cities of Qom and Najaf.

First of all, he used to explain the fundamental discussions surrounding the topic and then various perspectives of the discussions were analyzed and highligted through a question and answer session.

The great religious and spiritual leader also used to answer the questions put forward by his students with great patience.

Seyyed Mostafa Khomeini, Imam’s eldest son, once asked many questions during a teaching session in a bid to understand all aspects of a topic.   Imam answered all of his questions but also recommended him to read his lessons with a great enthusiasm in order to comprehend the all contents of his  the study circles.

It is noteworthy that Mostafa Khomeini became a great interpreter of the Quranic interpretation in latter years, and has had well command over several discipline of knowledge.

Imam Khomeini has had students from various ethnicities and nationalities who asked questions in different languages. Imam used to understand their problems and handled the situation with quiet patience and endurance.

Several of Imam’s pupil played a great role in advancing the objectives of Islamic movement in later decades

The Islamic revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini happened at a very sensitive juncture of history when the world’s societies had become morally bankrupt and were deeply plunged into social and moral decline.

Imam Khomeini, the religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world established a distinctive system which revived the spiritual, human and religious values among the Iranian nation and other communities across the globe.

The great Imam Khomeini established an Islamic-democratic system which heavily relied on masses’ backing and support. Imam soon became focal point for attention of the Muslim world and the oppressed nations.

Imam and his determined followers emerged as triumphant despite a staunch opposition by several powers. The great leader astonished the eastern powers and urged the whole world to ponder about his message.


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