International summit explores Imam Khomeini political ideas

International summit explores Imam Khomeini political ideas

An international summit exploring Imam’s dynamic political thought has been held in the Iranian capital Tehran.

The summit under the title “the discourse of the political Islam, Imam Khomeini and contemporary era’ was held with the coordination of universities and academic institutions.

The gathering was attended by domestic and international academic figures and intellectuals from around the various parts of the world.

Senior officials, lecturers, professors and writers delivered speeches and highlighted the novelty and distinctive characteristics of Imam’s thought and ideals in this regard.

The summit comes on the eve of 26th anniversary of Imam Khomeini heavenly departure.

Imam established a divine Islamic-democratic system which promoted human dignity and spread human values in contemporary era.

Imam’s political ideas  guarantee  rights for oppressed nations while confront the aggressive policies of colonial policies.

Imam Khomeini preserved the divine legacy of divine prophets and academic and political legacy of scholars by continuing their path and leading the Islamic movement.

The Islamic Revolution emerged victorious under the wise leadership of the great Imam which set stage for the prosperity of the Iranian and other oppressed nations across the world.

Imam Khomeini has had well command over several disciplines of the Islamic sciences including the philosophy, mysticism, jurisprudence, poetry, Quranic interpretation, Islamic traditions and several other fields.

He left several works as his academic legacy, which would continue to guide the generations for decades to come.

The great Imam made Chrystal clear that the Iranian nation would defend rights of oppressed nations, Islamic, humane and moral values and move forward on basis of justice.

The founder of the Islamic Republic frequently said that Islam was fully capable of establishing progressive democratic system.

Imam used to emphasize that Islam is a civilized and progressive religion.

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