Foreign guests visit defense museum

Foreign guests visit defense museum

Hundreds of foreign guests attending Imam Khomeini’s 26th anniversary have visited a museum of holy defense in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The guests attending the 26th anniversary of heavenly departure of the founder of the Islamic Republic attended the various parts of the museum on 1st of June.

They were briefed about various sections by the experts and many of their queries were answered about the museum and the imposed war waged by the former Iraqi dictator Saddam and his colonial backers against the Islamic Republic.

The developments come as hundreds of foreign guests from dozens of countries from various continents have arrived to attend the ceremonies and gatherings on the occasion of anniversary.

Imam’s devotees form Middle East, south Asia, Asia-Pacific, North Africa, horn of Africa, Europe, Balkan and Americas regions have so far arrived to attend the event of great significance.

The foreign academic and intellectual figures have also attended an international summit on Imam Khomeini political ideas which was held in Sahrif University in the capital.

Several senior officials and lecturers delivered speeches and presented the articles on the subject.

They will also take part a religious and cultural ceremony which is set to be held at the holy shrine of Imam Khomeini, which is located on the suburbs of the Iranian capital.

After decades of struggle, the Islamic revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini gained the victory. The Islamic-democratic system establish by the great Imam brought great status and confidence to the Iranian nation and rest of the Islamic world.

Several pundits and analysts believe that Imam Khomeini restored dignity to the whole Muslim world and the oppressed nations around the globe.

Ruhullah Musawi Khomeini was born on 20 Jamadi al-Akhir 1320/24 September 1902-coincidence with the birth anniversary of Hadrat Fatima (PBUH)-in the small town of Khomein, some 160 kilometers to the southwest of the holy city of Qom.

Imam Khomeini, the great religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world passed away on June 3, 1989.

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