Imam Works Being Displayed at Isfahan Exhibition

Imam Works Being Displayed at Isfahan Exhibition

Imam Khomeini’s works are being displayed and widely welcomed at an ongoing Quranic exhibition in the Iranian city of Isfahan.

This comes as the institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works has taken an active part at the exhibition by displaying several academic and art works. 

The institute has set up two separate stalls at the exhibition in Isfahan.  At one of the stalls, Imam’s books covering various topics are being presented while the other is allocated for precious works by artists about Imam and the Islamic Revolution. 

Sources say the exhibition is good opportunity to introduce and promote Imam’s works among devotees, academic and scholars visiting the regional exhibition. 

This year’s exhibition, being held under title of “Quran and household of the holy prophet of Islam”, is being visited by people from various walks of life. 

Imam Khomeini’s has had well command over several Islamic sciences such as philosophy, mysticism, Hadith, interpretation, poetry and several other interdisciplinary fields 

The great leader of the Muslim world has left precious works and his academic legacy is becoming popular among devotees and scholars around the globe.

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