Imam Ali (PBUH) Manifestation of Absolute Justice

Imam Ali (PBUH) Manifestation of Absolute Justice

Imam Khomeini, the world spiritual leader emphasized that Imam Ali (peace be upon him), the truthful successor of the holy prophet of Islam is the appearance of the absolute justice.

The great figure of contemporary history frequently emphasized that the human societies must preserve legacy of Imam Ali (peace be upon him).

Imam Khomeini arranged and attended mourning ceremonies on 21st of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which marks the martyrdom of Imam Ali (PBUH).

The founder of the Islamic Republic said that if societies follow the conduct of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), then they could be prevented from social and moral decline and a viable and fair social justice could be established across the world. 

The founder of the Islamic Republic maintained that Imam Ali has been the marvel of the world , who has no equal by kindness in the world-from the beginning until the eternity- unless the more respectable Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). 

Imam Khomeini was profoundly closely associated to the dynamic personality of Imam Ali (PBUH), at whose shrine he spent over 13 years of his years in exile. 

The founder of the Islamic Republic used to refer to the exceptional merits of Imam Ali (PBUH), who used to risk his life in many a crucial occasion for the defense of Islam and the Prophet. 

At the same time, the tender heart of the brave Imam Ali (PBUH) would weep at the sight of orphans, the needy and the oppressed, and he would spend whatever he had to alleviate their situation. 

According to the Father of the Islamic Revolution, involvement in government affairs, however, never for a moment distracted his attention from his duties towards his family and kinsmen, nor from the worship of God Almighty in which he was deeply engrossed.  The prayer and supplications bequeathed to humanity by Imam Ali (PBUH) are testimony in this regard. 

These and other qualities made a lasting impression on the mind of the young Ruhollah from his childhood and lasted till the end of his fruitful life, during which he considered the path blazed out by Imam Ali (PBUH) all humanity as a guiding light. The honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, sagacity, and the acumen to differentiate right from wrong, were indeed ethereal values for the faithful to emulate. 

Imam Khomeini was a high ranking jurisprudence and mystic, qualities that he had acquired by deeply contemplating on the peerless personality of Imam Ali (PBUH).  

The founder of the Islamic Republic also believed that Imam Ali (PBUH) established eternal patterns of social justice which should be followed by generations to come over the centuries.  

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