Former US envoy predicted Islamic Revolution victory

Former US envoy predicted Islamic Revolution victory

Former US envoy to Iran had predicted prior to the victory of Islamic Revolution that the mass public would soon join Ayatollah Khomeini.

In 1978, William Healy Sullivan, the last US ambassador to Iran had written in a secret report to the then  American administration that Imam Khomeini was becoming increasingly popular among people from all walks of life across Iran.

The American official had admitted that a vast majority of people were enthusiastically supporting Ayatollah Khomeini’s struggle against the Pahlave regime.  

The former US envoy also emphasized that even the remaining small number of undecided people would also join the Islamic movement under his unwavering leadership that sought the downfall of Shah regime. 

The great leader established an Islamic-democratic after the emergence of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The revolution empowered the Islamic and oppressed nations across the globe. 

Imam’s academic and political legacy is increasing becoming popular and is being explored by intellectuals in various parts of the world. 

Several pundits maintain that the Islamic movement under the matchless leadership of Imam Khomeini raised awareness among nations and Islamic movements across the Mideast region.

The great figure of the contemporary history had well-command over Islamic sciences and several disciplines of knowledge and was well-decorated with divine virtues and ethics. 

The religious and spiritual leader of the Muslim world also attracted millions for his simple life- style. He united followers of various religions at a very sensitive juncture of history under divine banner and motto of justice, virtues, moral, freedom and independence when the world had been plunged into a social and moral decline 

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