Hassan Khomeini highlights need for wisdom, rationality

Hassan Khomeini highlights need for wisdom, rationality

The grandson of Imam Khomeini highlights the necessity of resorting to wisdom and rationality amid complicated situation facing the Muslim world.

Hojjat al-Islam Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of Imam Khomeini  in a recnet address to the ceremony of the 6th General Assembly of the AhlulBayt World Assembly in Tehran described the sectarianism, divisions and strife among the Muslim world as undesired and dangerous. 

He urged all Muslim elites, scholars and academics to exercise rationality, reason and wisdom when the Muslim world is passing through very tough circumstances. 

The grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic also highlighted the necessity of promoting unity among Muslims and need to avoid for divisive remarks or policies. 

Pointing to the sufferings of the Shia Muslims throughout the history, he said Shia Muslims have been subject to oppression and wrongly became under barrage of blames by the ill-wishers and enemies. However, he emphasized that it is the duty of scholars to enlighten the people and the entire world about the truthfulness of Shia Muslims. 

The grandson of Imam Khomeini strongly denounced those who desperately attempt to spread division among Sunni and Shia Muslims.

The 6th General Assemly of the Ahlul Bayt (AS) World Assembly will is being held from August 15 to 18, 2015 in Tehran. This year about 1,800 prominent Shia figures from 130 countries have been invited to the meeting.

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