New book about Imam Khomeini unveiled

New book about Imam Khomeini unveiled

A book recalling and detailing efforts by Imam Khomeini for the victory of the Islamic Revolution has been unveiled at a ceremony.

Secretary General of Iran's Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei, some senior officials and people from various walks of life attended the ceremony of great significance.

The book titled ‘The path and the leader’ was inaugurated at the anniversary of Imam’s exile from Iraq to the French capital, Paris. 

The book details events about Imam’s struggle against the dictatorial regime of Shah and its colonial backers. 

Imam Khomeini, the great spiritual and religious leader even during exile period  had been managing the moments which led to the emergence of the Islamic revolution in 1979. 

Imam established an Islamic-democratic system which strengthened the Iranian nation and other oppressed people. 

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