Mideast, Europe security to serve all

Mideast, Europe security to serve all

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says security in the Middle East and Europe will benefit the entire world.

The president also stressed that the Islamic Republic is ready to hold talks with the European Union (EU) to find solutions to the conflicts in the two regions, Press TV reported.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is open to talks with the European Union and its member states, including Poland, to help resolve regional problems,” President Rouhani said in a meeting with Marshal of Poland’s Senate Bogdan Borusewicz in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Saturday. “Undoubtedly, security in the two regions of Europe and the Middle East will be to the advantage of all countries and the world.”

Emphasizing that Iran and Poland can hold consultations on the conflicts in the Middle East and Europe, President Rouhani expressed hope that the problems in the two regions could be best solved through political and win-win solutions, noting that Iran attaches significance to stability in eastern and central Europe.

Also touching on the tensions in the Middle East, the Iranian president said “occupation and foreign interference have inflicted great damage on the region, one of them being the terrorist groups turning active.”

President Rouhani warned that terrorism will pose serious problems to all regional countries and find its way beyond the borders of the Middle East if no immediate action is taken, calling for a collective campaign against the scourge.

The Iranian president also said that political tensions could be solved if certain countries withdraw their financial and arms support for terrorist groups.

The Polish official, for his part, described Iran as an instrumental country and an anchor of stability in the Middle East and called for further promotion of political and economic ties between Tehran and Warsaw.

He also underlined cooperation among countries in the campaign against terrorism, highlighting dialog as the best way out of current problems in the world.

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