Imam promoted reconciliation, coordination on global arena

Imam promoted reconciliation, coordination on global arena

Our website has conducted an interview with Muzaffar al-Rabe’ei, the head of Iraq’s cultural center in Tehran to discuss the global perspectives of personality of Imam Khomeini, the world religious and spiritual leader.

The cultural head said that personality of Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic was of global perspective and he promoted reconciliation and coordination on the world arena. 

The following is a rough transcription of the interview:

Question: How did you become familiar with Imam Khomeini’s personality and ideals?

Muzaffar al-Rabe’ei : Iraqi people from various walks including seminary or university figures know Imam Khomeini very well. The great leader of the Muslim world is well known by Iraqi mass public when he used to teach in Iraq decades ago.  

Imam’s efforts on academic, cultural and religious levels are well recognized among our people. People used to keep Imam’s books such as “An exposition to Forty Hadith” in their homes even when the former Iraqi dictator Saddam threatened those who promote Imam’s academic legacy. 

Question: How do you assess accomplishments of the Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini?

Muzaffar al-Rabe’ei:  The Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam strengthened the Muslim cause and proved to be a gald-tiding for the oppressed nations. The Islamic movement also countered the Zionists’ influence in the Mideast region. 

The historic revolution also revived the genuine teachings of Islam and is dreams of all prophets came true by the emergence of the revolution under Imam’s wise and comprehensive leadership.

Question:  How do you analyze the influence of the Iran’s historic revolution on the Islamic awakening? 

The movement led by the great Imam and martyr Baqir al-Sadr confronted atheistic  views and revived and promoted true Islam and the school of thought of the household of the holy prophet of Islam. Later years, it raised awareness among Muslims and oppressed people and inspired awakening. Imam’s academic and political thought have become popular among people especially over the past years. 

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