A call for massive reading campaign

A call for massive reading campaign

Tehran City Council member Ahmad Masjed-Jamei has asked Iranian people to join a reading campaign on the last day of the Book Week on November 19 by buying books.

In a statement published on Monday, he asked people to come together at bookstores during the day to purchase at least one book, Tehran Times reported. 

Masjed-Jamei said, “Studies show that despite all technological advances, reading is still the most effective and useful kind of cultural consumption for society and effects of reading in each person influence the entire society.” 

“Consequently, a vast amount of state budget is spent on promotion of reading in countries practicing free market economy,” he added. 

A former culture minister, Masjed-Jamei said, “Downturn in bookstores causes loss for all, all the country; our future depends on a boom in bookstores.” 

He asked media to support the campaign and also called on bookstores to organize special programs for the day. 

Masjed-Jamei expressed his hope that the campaign brings a boom in Iranian bookstore again. 

People from Tehran’s cultured classes eagerly joined the campaign, which was launched by some bookstores of the city during the last year’s Book Week. 

The 23rd Iran Book Week will commence on Friday. The week is annually organized during November by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to promote book reading culture. 

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