Imam Khomeini turned Iran into cradle of Muslim unity

Imam Khomeini turned Iran into cradle of Muslim unity

A Sunni scholar says Iran has been turned into a cradle and flag-bearer of unity and solidarity among all followers of Islamic sects.

Mohammad Saleh Hashim Abadi, principal of a Sunni seminary school in Aroumiah said that all religious and ethnic groups under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeiniintroduced the world the pure Mohammadan Islam, and made them united under the flag and banner of Islam.

The Iranian nation has always since then resisting the vicious conspiracies of world colonial and exploiting powers, the sunni intellectual said.

He went onto say that Imam Khomeini certain strategy and established unity among Sunni and Shia Muslim throughout the Muslim world, and the entire Ummah is benefiting from this solidarity and harmony.

Hashim Abadi warned that the colonial powers are desperately attempting to spread sectarian strife and divide among Muslims.

Elsewhere in his remarks, pointing to Iranian role in establishing unity, he said that Iran is the only country which has practically taken steps for promoting unity and furthering the objectives of true Islam.

The Sunni cleric noted that the colonial powers created the Takfiri terrorist in a desperate attempt to confront Iran and true Islam.

However, he said that the exploiting powers have failed to accomplish their vicious objectives, as the entire Iranian nation, including Sunnis and Shias, are united since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

It is worth to mention that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic has been a champion of unity and he invited all Muslims and followers of divine religions to become united to confront the certain powers’ exploiting policies.

The Islamic Revolution also changed balance of power across the Mideast region and the world in the interest of the entire Muslim world and oppressed nations.   



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