Daesh has nothing to do with Islam

Daesh has nothing to do with Islam

A sunni Muslim scholar says the Takfiri Daesh militant group and its violent agenda has nothing to do with Islam.

Seyyed Yawar Moradi, leader of the Friday congregational prayers in Anbar city of northwestern province of Arbill, said in an interview with Jamaran news agency that the terrorist groups such as Daesh created in the name of Islam has had nothing to do with peaceful divine religion. 

He went onto say that Islam has its own prototypes and criterion. The holy prophet of Islam and people of his household are best role model for the Muslims. 

The peaceful and divine practices left by the holy prophet, his truthful successors and companions are enough and best criterion to follow for the Muslim societies, the cleric pointed out. 

He also emphasized among Muslim unity to confront such groups operating across various regions. 

The Daesh has wreaked havoc and committed heinous crimes across several countries, especially in Iraq and Syria. 

Daesh terrorists now control parts of Syria and Iraq. They have been engaged in crimes against humanity in the areas under their control.

The Daesh, al-Qaeda and some other terroritst group have carried out many attacks on civilian and military targets in various countries of the world.

The terrorist groups are held responsible for instigating sectarian violence among Muslims.

However, the group has suffered serious setbacks in recent weeks as security forces backed by Shia and Sunni volunteers in both countries have inflicted heavy losses in both countries. 

The militant group has suffered back-to-back defeats over the past weeks to the Iraqi military and allied volunteer fighters, chief among the setbacks being the militants' loss of control of Anbar’s provincial capital of Ramadi, around 100 kilometers west of Baghdad. 

Syrian government forces have been battling terrorists on different fronts throughout Syria since March 2011, when the foreign-sponsored militancy broke out nearly five years ago.

A vast majority of Muslim people view the violent actions of Takfiri terror groups as a distortion of Islamic teachings.

  It is worth to mention that Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, opposed all types of violence.

Imam has been a great champion of unity among all sects of Muslims and followers of all divine religion in contemporary history.

Imam had frequently invited followers of all divine religions to get united under the banner of monotheism in order to confront the occupations and aggressive policies of exploiting and colonial powers. 

Imam has been remembered as great reformist and promoter of unity as he opposed any kind of strife and divide among Sunni and Shia Muslims.

He also promoted the rights of minorities after the victory of the Islamic revolution under his wise leadership in 1979.

He has been also a promoter of human rights, democracy and civil liberties.  

The Iranian revolution strengthened the Muslim nations and oppressed people in various parts of the world. The revolution also restored dignity and confidence and grandeurs to them. 

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